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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Basic music awareness amongst Maltese youthsMangion, Nicolette
2015Bil-qala u l-moqdief 1 : program 2Xuereb, Charles
2018-10A Book a Thousand Stories 2 - The Last Waltz : Programmes 1-17Salomone, Patricia
2015Emotion-based music playerPortelli, Christopher
2014-03Getting the rhythmMifsud, Stephanie
1994The guitar : its Mediterranean origins and influence in classical MusicMamo, Rene'
1953Icilio CallejaMuscat-Azzopardi, Ivo
2017Investigating the effects of music on static posturography in Maltese synchronised swimmersPreca Trapani, Hannah
2009Lectures 12 : program 10 : music and the global orderWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Stokes, Martin
2007Lectures 8 : program 1 : nostalgia, history and Sheiks in the Libyan Ma'luf: listening in the shadows of the pastWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Ciantar, Philip
2000Mis-saltna tad-dlamijiet : program 11 : is-satanizmu u x-xitan fil-muzikaBezzina, David; Mizzi, Kenneth
2000Mis-saltna tad-dlamijiet : program 4 : il-muzika satanikaBezzina, David; Mizzi, Kenneth
2013-06Music for clean foodValdramidis, Vasilis
2015The musical tradition of maŹ¾luf in Libya : rethinking memories from the fieldCiantar, Philip
2015Politika fil-muzika : program 1Vassallo, Mario
2015Politika fil-muzika : program 10Vassallo, Mario Thomas
2015Politika fil-muzika : program 11Vassallo, Mario Thomas
2015Politika fil-muzika : program 15Vassallo, Mario Thomas
2015Politika fil-muzika : program 16Vassallo, Mario Thomas
2015Politika fil-muzika : program 17Vassallo, Mario Thomas