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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Ambiguous alliance : neutrality, opt-outs, and European defencePace, Roderick; Gressel, Gustav; Hakansson, Calle; Iso-Markku, Tuomas; Nissen, Christine; Pesu, Matti; Quain, Clodagh; Cramer, Clara Sophie; Franke, Ulrike
2021Bulk collection of communications data and the test of strict necessity and proportionality in the judgements of the CJEU   Tabone, Tilden (2021)
2012The dynamics of the European Union foreign and security policy : challenges from North AfricaAquilina, Elaine (2012)
2018The effects of the Prüm Treaty and framework decision on the Maltese criminal justice systemEllul, JohnLuke
2020EU cybersecurity governance – stakeholders and normative intentions towards integrationKasper, Agnes
2021EU-UK relations after the Brexit voteXuereb, Kelly (2021)
2003Evaluating American security policy in the Mediterranean : is the E.U.'s common foreign security policy an alternative approach?Vital Zammit, George (2003)
2020The future of European security and defence : keeping the Americans in?Cassar, Valentina
2004The future of the European Union's common foreign and security policy after the Iraq crisis of 2002-2003Psaila, Duncan (2004)
2020The impact of the Arab spring on EU security policyZammit, Ylenia
2020The impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the EU’S status as a civilian or normative powerVella, Kristina Marie
2012The Libyan crisis : a test for the EU's common foreign and security policy after the Lisbon treatyCalleja, Analise (2012)
2020Malta and Cyprus : their effect on the common foreign and security policySpiteri, Xylona
2020Malta and the CFSP : a small state perspectiveHeath, Charlotte Louise Trafford
2015Malta and the European Union’s common security and defence policy : challenges and opportunitiesVella, Duncan
2021On the front line of Europe's borders : Malta's Customs Department Enforcement Unit and the EU's security challengesGalea, Claire (2021)
2021The role of small states in the common security and defence policyDimech, Dilan (2021)
2019Towards a common European defence and Malta's security cultureTabone Jacono, Keith
2020Towards a ‘Cyber Maastricht’ : two steps forward, one step backKasper, Agnes; Vernygora, Vlad Alex
2019-04Transatlantic relations and the Mediterranean : taking stock and the way forwardJanning, Josef