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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Blockchain technologies in healthcare institutions : focus on security and effective cooperation with the governmentPrzhedetskiy, Yu. V.; Przhedetskaya, Nataliya Vitovna; Borzenko, K. V.; Bondarenko, Viktoria Andreevna
2018Diversification of transit risks of Russia as a basis for economic and energy security in European countriesChernysheva, A. M.; Gusakov, N. P.; Trofimova, A. A.
2018Formation of human capital as a key factor in ensuring the national security of agriculture in the digital economyKuznetsova, Kuznetsova, Irina G.; Voronkova, O. Yu.; Bakhvalov, Sergey Yurevich; Ruiga, I. R.; Zhuruli, G. N.; Levichev, V. E.
2018The goals of industrial policy of the Russian Federation : state intervention into the economy as a factor of industrializationButakov, Pavel V.
2017The increase in geopolitical competition as a challenge (threat) to Russia's national securityKovalev, Vitaliy Vladimirovich; Kasyanov, Valeriy Vasilyevich; Bortsov, Yury Sergeevich; Goloborodko, Andrey Yurievich; Skudnova, Tatyana Dmitrievna
2019Inter-vulnerability of financial institutions and households in the system of national financial security assessmentAlifanova, E. N.; Nivorozhkina, L. I.; Evlakhova, Yu. S.
2018Sustainable import substitution in Russia : institutional conditions and efficiency imperativesCherkesova, E. Yu.; Mironova, D. D.; Slatvitskaya, I. I.; Popova, Tatiana D.
2019Theoretical and practical aspects of economic security of the Russian forest industryBulgakova, M. A.
2017The theory of the global domination - Russian geo-strategy conceptual framework on the Black Sea RegionCatrinel Popescu, Alba Iulia