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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Active document enrichment using adaptive information extraction from textCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Petrelli, Daniela
2002Adaptive information extraction for document annotation in amilcareCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Wilks, Yorick; Petrelli, Daniela
2002Amilcare : adaptive information extraction for document annotationCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Wilks, Yorick; Petrelli, Daniela
2003Annotating textual and speech data in MalteseGatt, Albert; Vella, Alexandra; Caruana, Joe
2012Are all Semitic languages immune to letter transpositions? The case of MaltesePerea, Manuel; Gatt, Albert; Moret-Tatay, Carmen; Fabri, Ray
2013Are we Bayesian referring expression generatorsGatt, Albert; van Gompel, Roger P. G.; van Deemter, Kees; Krahmer, Emiel
2012Assessing the incremental algorithm : a response to Krahmer et alvan Deemter, Kees; Gatt, Albert; van der Sluis, Ielka; Power, Richard
2011Attribute preference and priming in reference production : experimental evidence and computational modelingGatt, Albert; Goudbeek, Martijn; Krahmer, Emiel
2007The attribute selection for GRE challenge : overview and evaluation resultsBelz, Anja; Gatt, Albert
2008Attribute selection for referring expression generation : new algorithms and evaluation methodsGatt, Albert; Belz, Anja
2016Automated assistance for writing in a foreign languageCaruana, Gabriel
2020Automated report generation from football match commentarySeracino, Jake
2020Automatic crime information gathering and data analytics from online news reportsSpiteri, Janica (2020)
2008Automatic definition extraction using parser combinatorsBorg, Claudia; Pace, Gordon J.
2012Automatic generation of natural language nursing shift summaries in neonatal intensive care : BT-NurseHunter, James; Freer, Yvonne; Gatt, Albert; Reiter, Ehud; Sripada, Somayajulu; Sykes, Cindy
2009Automatic generation of textual summaries from neonatal intensive care dataPortet, Francois; Reiter, Ehud; Gatt, Albert; Hunter, Jim; Sripada, Somayajulu; Freer, Yvonne; Sykes, Cindy
2017Axiological world picture of the virtual language personality in blog-discourse spaceEvsyukova, Tatyana Vsevolodovna; Agababyan, Susanna Rubenovna; Kotelnikova, Evgenya Vladimirovna; Germasheva, Tatyana Martirosovna
2009Beyond DICE : measuring the quality of a referring expressionvan Deemter, Kees; Gatt, Albert
2019Big social data : predicting users’ interests from their Social Networking activitiesEngerer, Bernhardt David
2011BT-Nurse : computer generation of natural language shift summaries from complex heterogeneous medical dataHunter, James; Freer, Yvonne; Gatt, Albert; Reiter, Ehud; Sripada, Somayajulu; Sykes, Cindy; Westwater, Dave