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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08An accurate and robust gender identification algorithmDeMarco, Andrea; Cox, Stephen J.
2015Acoustic approaches to gender and accent identificationDeMarco, Andrea
2002Active document enrichment using adaptive information extraction from textCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Petrelli, Daniela
2002Adaptive information extraction for document annotation in amilcareCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Wilks, Yorick; Petrelli, Daniela
2014Aggregating and visualizing news articles as relationships between entitiesBuhagiar, Mark (2014)
2002Amilcare : adaptive information extraction for document annotationCiravegna, Fabio; Dingli, Alexiei; Wilks, Yorick; Petrelli, Daniela
2012Analysing input in dialog systemsScerri, Darren (2012)
2021Analysis of data augmentation methods for low-resource Maltese ASRDeMarco, Andrea; Mena, Carlos; Gatt, Albert; Borg, Claudia; Williams, Aiden; van der Plas, Lonneke
2003Annotating textual and speech data in MalteseGatt, Albert; Vella, Alexandra; Caruana, Joe
2011Answering factoid questions via Ontologies : a natural language generation approachGyawali, Bikash (2011)
2005Appointment scheduling via emailBorg, Claudia (2005)
2012Are all Semitic languages immune to letter transpositions? The case of MaltesePerea, Manuel; Gatt, Albert; Moret-Tatay, Carmen; Fabri, Ray
2013Are we Bayesian referring expression generatorsGatt, Albert; van Gompel, Roger P. G.; van Deemter, Kees; Krahmer, Emiel
2011Assessing the credibility of wikipedia articlesHua, Zhenghan (2011)
2012Assessing the incremental algorithm : a response to Krahmer et alvan Deemter, Kees; Gatt, Albert; van der Sluis, Ielka; Power, Richard
2021The association between financial news sentiment and cryptocurrency price movementsFarrugia, Neil (2021)
2011Attribute preference and priming in reference production : experimental evidence and computational modelingGatt, Albert; Goudbeek, Martijn; Krahmer, Emiel
2007The attribute selection for GRE challenge : overview and evaluation resultsBelz, Anja; Gatt, Albert
2008Attribute selection for referring expression generation : new algorithms and evaluation methodsGatt, Albert; Belz, Anja
2016Automated assistance for writing in a foreign languageCaruana, Gabriel