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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Ambjenti naturali MaltinSchembri, Patrick J.
2003An analysis of the effectiveness of national wildlife regulatory and law enforcement systems as tools for managing protected natural resourcesGatt, Stanley John (2003)
1997Baseline marine benthic surveys in the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean)Borg, Joseph A.; Micallef, Shirley A.; Pirotta, Konrad; Schembri, Patrick J.
1995Biodiversity conservation and utilisation in the Maltese IslandsStevens, Darrin T.; Lanfranco, Edwin; Mallia, Adrian; Schembri, Patrick J.
2017Biodiversity, conservation and management and the role of Natura 2000 in MaltaStevens, Darrin T.
2012-02Bird’s Eye View : issue 37 : February 2012BirdLife Malta
2012-12Bird’s Eye View : issue 39 : December 2012BirdLife Malta
2013-09Bird’s Eye View : issue 41 : September 2013BirdLife Malta
2015-06Bird’s Eye View : issue 45 : June 2015BirdLife Malta
2017-06Bird’s Eye View : issue 52 : June 2017BirdLife Malta
2002Coastal sand dunes under siege : a guide to conservation for environmental managersCassar, Louis F.; Stevens, Darrin T.; University of Malta. International Environment Institute
2020Conservationists’ hide-and-seek with seabirdsSahin, Dilek
2003Energy technology options for a better environmentFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Yousif, Charles
1990Giuseppe Despott (1879-1936)Baldacchino, Alfred E.
2022Identifying areas of agricultural land abandonment for active restoration : the 'woodland islets model'Cauchi, Daniel Philip (2022)
1994Il-Huttafa : issue 1 : March-April 1994Malta Ornithological Society
1995Il-Huttafa : issue 10 : September-October 1995BirdLife Malta
2010Il-Huttafa : issue 100 : September-October 2010BirdLife Malta
2010Il-Huttafa : issue 101 : November-December 2010BirdLife Malta
2011Il-Huttafa : issue 102 : January-February 2011BirdLife Malta