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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adult education and social movements : perspectives from Freire and beyondEnglish, Leona; Mayo, Peter
2011Adult education and the state : Gramsci, the historical materialist tradition and relevant othersEnglish, Leona; Mayo, Peter
2010Cameron McCarthy & Cathryn Teasley (eds). Transnational Perspectives on Culture, Policy, and Education: Redirecting Cultural Studies in Neoliberal Times [book review]Fitzpatrick, Margaret; Geary, James
2011The centrality of the state in Neoliberal times : Gramsci and beyondMayo, Peter
2009Competitiveness, diversification and the international higher education cash flow : EU’s higher education discourse amidst the challenges of globalisationMayo, Peter
2018Conflicting perspectives on career : implications for career guidance and social justiceBergmo-Prvulovic, Ingela
2018Connecting big and intimate worlds : using an auto/biographical research imagination in career guidanceReid, Hazel; West, Linden
2013-06-10Conservative-Neoliberal alliance and popular resistance in Turkey : the uprising in TurkeyMayo, Peter
2019Do employment services need to be neoliberal?Nunn, Alex
2018Educare alla cittadinanza globale in tempi di neoliberalismo. Riflessioni critiche sulle politiche educative in campo europeoCapobianco, Rosaria; Mayo, Peter; Vittoria, Paolo
2018Exploring politics at the intersection of critical psychology and career guidance : a Freudo-Marxist case for radical refusalOlle, Chad D.
2018The gap between theory and context as a generator of social injustice : seeking to confront social inequality in Brazil through career guidanceAfonso Ribeiro, Marcelo; Oliveira Silva Foncatti, Guilherme de
2004Globalisation : risks of neo-liberalismD'Amato, Conrad (2004)
2007The ideal-typical transition from fordism to post-fordism : a neopositivist problem settingMarkantonatou, Maria
2021In-neoliberaliżmu u l-globalizzazzjonivon Brockdorff, Philip; Tabone, Carmel
2012-11-19L-Università fl-Ewropa : lil fejn?Mayo, Peter
2011Lifelong guidance, citizen rights and the state : reclaiming the social contractSultana, Ronald G.
2018Looking for social justice through agency — applying Giddens’s structuration theory to career guidance research and analysisBilon, Anna
2013Neo-liberalism and its impact on the financial framework of the Maltese public sectorFarrugia, Arnold C. (2013)
2018The neoliberal challenge to career guidance — mobilising research, policy and practice around social justiceHooley, Tristram; Sultana, Ronald G.; Thomsen, Rie