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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adult education and social movements : perspectives from Freire and beyondEnglish, Leona; Mayo, Peter
2011Adult education and the state : Gramsci, the historical materialist tradition and relevant othersEnglish, Leona; Mayo, Peter
2010Cameron McCarthy & Cathryn Teasley (eds). Transnational Perspectives on Culture, Policy, and Education: Redirecting Cultural Studies in Neoliberal Times [book review]Fitzpatrick, Margaret; Geary, James
2011The centrality of the state in Neoliberal times : Gramsci and beyondMayo, Peter
2009Competitiveness, diversification and the international higher education cash flow : EU’s higher education discourse amidst the challenges of globalisationMayo, Peter
2018Conflicting perspectives on career : implications for career guidance and social justiceBergmo-Prvulovic, Ingela
2018Connecting big and intimate worlds : using an auto/biographical research imagination in career guidanceReid, Hazel; West, Linden
2013-06-10Conservative-Neoliberal alliance and popular resistance in Turkey : the uprising in TurkeyMayo, Peter
2019Do employment services need to be neoliberal?Nunn, Alex
2018Exploring politics at the intersection of critical psychology and career guidance : a Freudo-Marxist case for radical refusalOlle, Chad D.
2018The gap between theory and context as a generator of social injustice : seeking to confront social inequality in Brazil through career guidanceAfonso Ribeiro, Marcelo; Oliveira Silva Foncatti, Guilherme de
2007The ideal-typical transition from fordism to post-fordism : a neopositivist problem settingMarkantonatou, Maria
2012-11-19L-Università fl-Ewropa : lil fejn?Mayo, Peter
2011Lifelong guidance, citizen rights and the state : reclaiming the social contractSultana, Ronald G.
2018Looking for social justice through agency — applying Giddens’s structuration theory to career guidance research and analysisBilon, Anna
2018The neoliberal challenge to career guidance — mobilising research, policy and practice around social justiceHooley, Tristram; Sultana, Ronald G.; Thomsen, Rie
2018The pervasive influence of neoliberalism on policy guidance discourses in career/education : delimiting the boundaries of social justice in New ZealandIrving, Barrie A.
2014Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will? Troubling the relationship between career guidance and social justiceSultana, Ronald G.
2020-06Peter Mayo (2019) : Higher Education in a Globalising World, Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning [book review]Heywood, Paul E.
2013The philosophical debate around the subprime mortgage crisisPsaila, Mark (2013)