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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-16700 years' added to Malta's history-
1999Aggression and defence in prehistoric MaltaMagro Conti, Joseph
1999Albert Mayr, 1868-1924 : a legacy of pioneer work : an evaluation of Mayr's contributions to the works of later scholarsStöger, Johanna (1999)
2021Animals in the Maltese Neolithic : a social zooarchaeological study of faunal representations and remainsXerri, Rochelle Lorraine (2021)
2012Apotropaia prehistoric and ancient amulets from the Maltese IslandsBonanno, Anthony
1986Archaeology in Malta (5) : the earliest inhabitantsBonanno, Anthony
1986Archaeology in Malta (6) : habitat and religious beliefsBonanno, Anthony
1987Archaeology in Malta (7) : neolithic man : economic and social structureBonanno, Anthony
1997The archaeology of collectivityPace, Anthony
1999Archaeology, epistemology, and the earliest phase of Maltese prehistoryFrendo, Anthony J.
2015Biomolecular and isotopic characterisation of lipid residues absorbed in Impressed Wares from the Early Neolithic village of Skorba, MaltaDebono Spiteri, Cynthianne; Craig, Oliver
2013Borġ in-Nadur u l-inħawi fil-preistorjaBalzan, Matthew
2023Catalogue of Għar Dalam and Skorba phase pottery sherds selected for archaeometric analysisRichard-Trémeau, Emma; Brogan, Catriona; Betts, John Charles
1997Celebrating an island heritage : Malta's world acclaimed sites include its sixteenth-century capital city and the samples of a mysterious neolithic cultureRose, Mark
2021Ceramic production techniques and decorative motifs in the Early Neolithic of the Maltese IslandsVella Gregory, Isabelle
2020Chapter 6 : cultural landscapes in the changing environments from 6000 to 2000 BCGrima, Reuben; Stoddart, Simon; Hunt, Chris O.; French, Charles; McLaughlin, Rowan; Malone, Caroline
1963-03-23Clearing the Neolithic Temples of Skorba : new light on the earlier peoples of MaltaTrump, David H.
1995The collapse and proposed restoration of a prehistoric megalithic structureTorpiano, Alex
2000The conservation of Malta's megalithic temple sites : a technical experts' meeting convened by the Ministry of Education, MaltaPace, Anthony; Grima, Reuben
2014-09The death of the temple peopleDuca, Edward; Duca, Edward