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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Anomaly in the γ chain heterogeneity of the newbornHuisman, Titus Hendrik Jan; Schroeder, Walter A.; Felice, Alex; Powars, Darleen R.; Ringelhann, Bela
2007Care of the umbilical cord in the newborn : mothers' knowledgeThewma, Georgette
2020Coffee intake during pregnancy and neonatal low birth weight : data from a multicenter Italian cross sectional studyMannucci, Carmen; Attard, Everaldo; Calapai, Fabrizio; Facchinetti, Fabio; D’Anna, Rosario; Vannacci, Alfredo; Santamaria, Angelo; Lenti, Maria Carmela; Righi, Maria; Perone, Marcello; Sorbara, Emanuela E.; Alibrandi, Angela; Oteri, Alessandro; Inferrera, Giuseppina; Calapai, Gioacchino
2007Comparison of prevalence and reasons behind current breastfeeding practices in Malta & Gozo.Farrugia Zahra, Leslie
2011Coping methods used by mothers whose neonate was admitted to the NPICU.Farrugia, Francesca
2004Diffuse pulmonary arteriovenous malformation : a case reportZain, Zarin
2015The effects of non-nutritive sucking and oral sucrose in infant pain reliefSpiteri, Maria Dolores
2007Extended haplotype of the CTLA-4 Gene within the coeliac patients in the Maltese population.Muscat, Karen
2000Heart disease in infants of diabetic mothersKulaylat, N.; Narchi, Hassib
2004Idiopathic arterial calcification of infancy : a case reportSundaram, Sandhya; Kuruvilla, Sarah; Thirupuram, S.
2010Midwives' views and knowledge on babies' sleeping practices on the postnatal ward.Azzopardi, Jahel
2012Mothers' experiences of skin-to-skin contact with their babies in the immediate postnatal periodGilson, Rebecca
2011Nurses' perceptions with scoring neonatal abstinence syndrome infantsAquilina, Karl
2006Pre-conception couples' knowledge of thalassaemia.Scerri, Emily
2009The role of ultrasound imaging in congenital hip dislocation.Grech, Ingrid
2015Therapeutic hypothermia : a “cool” intervention for reducing mortality in newborn infants with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathyAitken, Claudine Marika
2004An unusual case of aortic obstructionDua, J.S.; Suresh, S.; Wilson, Dirk G.
2014Varying gestational age patterns in caesarean delivery : an international comparisonDelnord, Marie; Blondel, Béatrice; Drewniak, Nicolas; Klungsøyr, Kari; Bolumar, Francisco; Mohangoo, Ashna D.; Gissler, Mika; Szamotulska, Katarzyna; Lack, Nicholas; Nijhuis, Jan; Velebil, Petr; Sakkeus, Luule; Chalmers, James; Zeitlin, Jennifer; Euro-Peristat Preterm Group