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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acute nicotine induces anxiety and disrupts temporal pattern organization of rat exploratory behavior in hole-board : a potential role for the lateral habenulaCasarrubea, Maurizio; Davies, Caitlin; Faulisi, Fabiana; Pierucci, Massimo; Colangeli, Roberto; Partridge, Lucy; Chambers, Stephanie; Cassar, Daniel; Valentino, Mario; Muscat, Richard; Benigno, Arcangelo; Crescimanno, Giuseppe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2010Critical role of nitric oxide on nicotine-induced hyperactivation of dopaminergic nigrostriatal system : electrophysiological and neurochemical evidence in ratsMatteo, Vincenzo di; Pierucci, Massimo; Benigno, Arcangelo; Esposito, Ennio; Crescimanno, Giuseppe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2009Differential effects of age on tau protein expression in the rat brain following chronic nicotine administration in vivoScerri, Charles
2020The effect of cognitive bias modification interventions on nicotine related indicatorsGatt, Christian
2006The effects of chronic nicotine on spatial learning and bromodeoxyuridine incorporation into the dentate gyrus of the ratScerri, Charles; Stewart, Caroline A.; Breen, Kieran C.; Balfour, David J. K.
2020Nicotine dependence and the International Association for the Study of Pain neuropathic pain grade in patients with chronic low back pain and radicular pain : is there an association?Schembri, Emanuel; Massalha, Victoria; Spiteri, Karl; Camilleri, Liberato; Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen
2012Nicotine modifies in vivo and in vitro rat hippocampal amyloid precursor protein processing in young but not old ratsScerri, Charles; Stewart, Caroline A.; Balfour, David J. K.; Breen, Kieran C.
2015-12Nicotine stresses you out!Davies, Caitlin
2006Nurses' knowledge about smoking cessation.Debono, Stefania
2014Role of central serotonin receptors in nicotine addictionPierucci, Massimo; Chambers, Stephanie; Partridge, Lucy; De Deurwaerdere, Philippe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2015Role of the lateral habenula in nicotine addiction : interaction with the dopaminergic systemPierucci, Massimo