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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Burden sharing in NATOPapanastasiou, John A.; Lazaridis, Ioannis T.; Karagiorgos, Theofanis
2005Conflict resolution in Cyprus : intergovernmental vs. supranational methodsDebattista, Michela-Maria (2005)
2009EU and NATO : security in the "new" new world orderGrech, Simon (2009)
2018EU defence within the context of policy shifts in the USA and RussiaMifsud, Annalise
2007The EU's response to crisis situations in collaboration with the UN and NATOMeli, Andrew (2007)
2021The EU's response to major shifts in US foreign policy in the last decadeXuereb, Matthew (2021)
2018EU-NATO relations since the Lisbon TreatyGrech, Andrew
2007European security cooperation : the importance of Franco-German relationsPallmar, Dagmar (2007)
2021The European Union and multilateralism during the Trump presidencyZammit Galea Testaferrata, Julia (2021)
2021The future of European defense cooperationVassallo, Sebastian (2021)
2019Integration of economic shifts in the european development in the second half of the XXth centuryVlasova, G. B.; Vlasov, V. I.; Denisenko, S. V.; Kolesnick, V. V.
2005Iraq and the strains on the transatlantic allianceRizzo, Josephine (2005)
1975Malta versus the NATO powers 1971-1972Davis, Louise (1975)
2021NATO : building a security community in the face of Covid-19 pandemicWilla, RafaƂ; Olszanecka, Natalia
2000NATO's changing role : a case study in the BalkansCuschieri, Rossano (2000)
2011NATO's relevance for European security after Lisbon TreatyLeskova, Polina (2011)
2010The north Atlantic treaty organisation and the European Union's common security and defence policy : a comparative studyHampton, Neil (2010)
2010The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union's common security and defence policy : a comparative studyHampton, Neil (2010)
1988Political factors affecting cooperation between Italy, Greece and TurkeySilvestri, Stefano
1997The relevance of European security structures to the Mediterranean (and vice versa)Fenech, Dominic