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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Analysis of Opuntia ficus-indica triggered cellular mechanisms in the protection against cellular stressorPullicino, Jeremy (2023)
2015The application of next generation sequencing to identify mutations causing Parkinson’s disease and ParkinsonismCamilleri, Graziella
2022Bacterial and viral respiratory tract microbiota and host characteristics in adults with lower respiratory tract infections : a case-control studyHaak, Bastiaan W.; Brands, Xanthe; Davids, Mark; Peters-Sengers, Hessel; Kullberg, Robert F. J.; Houdt, Robin van; Hugenholtz, Floor; Faber, Daniël R.; Zaaijer, Hans L.; Scicluna, Brendon P.; Poll, Tom van der; Joost Wiersinga, W.
1997Cloning, expression and characterisation of two manganese superoxide dismutases from Caenorhabditis elegansHunter, Therese; Bannister, William H.; Hunter, Gary J.
2014DNA barcoding for species assignment : the case of Mediterranean marine fishesLandi, Monica; Dimech, Mark; Arculeo, Marco; Biondo, Girolama; Martins, Rogelia; Carneiro, Miguel; Carvalho, Gary Robert; Brutto, Sabrina Lo; Costa, Filipe O.
2022Gene expression profiling in human pituitary neuroendocrine tumoursSpiteri, Emma Jayne (2022)
2017Investigations on the gut microbiota of the Maltese honeybee (Apis mellifera ruttneri)Alberoni, Daniele; Gaggia, Francesca; Baffoni, Loredana; Mifsud, David; Gioia, Diana di
2022Method development and comparison for storage and extraction of peripheral blood DNA on Guthrie cardsDesira, Riona (2022)
2003Transcriptional regulation of the human muscarinic M2 receptor geneFenech, Anthony G.; Billington, Charlotte K.; Swan, Caroline; Richards, Susan; Hunter, Therese; Ebejer, Martin J.; Felice, Alex E.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger