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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Attitudes of nurses towards patients who self-harmBezzina, Joseph
1993The child as visitor on adult wardsBalzan, Irene
2008Current nurses' practice in the promotion of continenceButtigieg, Mary Anne
2012Emergency nurses' attitudes towards patients committing deliberate self-harmVella Critien, Jessica
2010Hand hygiene practices in the operating theatre : nurses' knowledge, attitudes and reported behavioursZerafa, Marisa
2020Local nurses’ attitudes towards obesity and their impact on the quality of nursing care of obese patients : a quantitative studyBorg, Gianella (2020)
2012Male nurses attitudes towards patients with dual diagnosis.Azzopardi, Noel
2003Maltese nurses' knowledge, attitudes and practices in the management of urinary incontinence in the acute-medical ward settingAttard, Clare
2009A needs assessment of the delivery of nursing care for the mentally ill patients in the general medical wards : the nurses' perception.Bartolo, Joconnie
2005Nurses' and patients' views towards nursing care given to male patients by female nursesMicallef, Alexander
2012The nurses' attitudes towards care of residents suffering from dementiaGrima, Daniel
1994Nurses' attitudes towards care plansWalters, Elizabeth
1998Nurses' attitudes towards children dying from cancerAxiaq, Fiona
2005Nurses' attitudes towards drug misusersSeguna, Margaret
2012Nurses' attitudes towards patients with borderline personality disordersPane', Tiziana
2003Nurses' perceptions of family participation in the care of the acute older adult patientVella, Charmaine
2004Nurses' perceptions of lifelong learningTufigno, Claudio
2010Nurses' perceptions of parental participation in the care of their hospitalised childAttard, Mariella
2009Nurses' perceptions of the social exclusion of patients with co-morbid mental health and substance misuse problems.Said, Stefan
2012Nurses' perceptions towards patients with a homosexual lifestyleVassallo, Matthew