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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Addressing childhood obesity : are we doing enough?Borg, Marika; Cauchi, D.; Calleja, Neville; Gauci, Charmaine
2017Against all odds : the resilience of children who live in families with low-income and are obeseGilson, Maria Lisa (2017)
2013Are their eyes bigger than their stomachs? : investigating primary school pupils' food portion sizesSant, Jessica
2021-10Audit on doctors’ documentation of overweight and obesity in children attending general children’s outpatient’s clinics in MaltaFenech, Amanda; Dimech, Thea; Grech, Marie Claire; Attard Montalto, Simon
2011Awareness of obesity in girls' secondary schoolsFarrugia, Marlene
2024-06Causes and consequences of childhood obesityBlundell, Renald; Gieleta, Andrea Weronika
2015Childhood adiposity : solutions for a national epidemicSavona-Ventura, Charles; Formosa, Cynthia; Savona-Ventura, Stephanie; Aboulezz, Dalia
2007Childhood obesity : a critical Maltese health issueGrech, Victor E.
2005-11Childhood obesity in Malta : a crisis in the makingGrech, Victor E.
2010Childhood obesity in Malta : a sociological perspectiveMartin, Gillian M.
2011Comparison of body mass index of a national cohort of Maltese children over a 3-year intervalFarrugia Sant Angelo, Victoria; Grech, Victor E.
2015Depicting the analyses of the first National Maltese Childhood BMI studyGrech, Victor E.; Aquilina, S.; Camilleri, E.
2016Dietary and physical activity assessment in 5-6-year-old Maltese childrenZarb Adami, Roberta
2012Effectiveness of school health programs in reducing obesity in childrenAttard, Sheldon
2018The effects of a structured physical activity programme on biomechanical fitness, obesity measures, activity levels and academic achievement in primary school childrenFenech, Amanda
2020-07Evaluation of the levels of physical activity amongst primary school children in MaltaFenech, Amanda; Chockalingam, Nachiappan; Formosa, Cynthia; Gatt, Alfred
2019Exploring eating and physical activity behaviours in preschool childrenZarb, Johann
2021Exploring the impact of a short targeted health promotion programme for children at a local sports club : a participatory action research studySpiteri, Leighton (2021)
2015Factors influencing food choice in primary school childrenTheuma, Abigail
2013Food consumption patterns in fourth and fifth grade school childrenMercieca, Nicola