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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Adaptive neural networks object-oriented approachNezval, Vitezslav
2009Assessing design patterns for concurrencyLeguesse, Fikre (2009)
2001An automated software quality measurement toolMicallef, Mark (2001)
2006A brief comparison of real-time software design methodsSpiteri Staines, Tony
2013Conceptual analysis and modeling of a metro systemSpiteri Staines, Tony
2017Consistently-detecting monitorsFrancalanza, Adrian
2002A conversion tool from traditional software development notation into UMLFriggieri, Donald (2002)
1996-07Converting extended entity-relationships models into an object-oriented data modelVella, Joseph G.
2005Describing and verifying FFT circuits using SharpHDLPace, Gordon J.; Vella, Christine
2016Efficient object selection using depth and texture informationSeychell, Dylan; Debono, Carl James
1998Formal reasoning with Verilog HDLPace, Gordon J.; He, Jifeng
2003Grammatically driven class derivation (extended abstract)Cachia, Ernest
2002Improving fine-grained multithreading performance through object-affinity schedulingAbela, Stephen (2002)
2015Investigating instrumentation techniques for ESB runtime verificationColombo, Christian; Dimech, Gabriel; Francalanza, Adrian
2014Investigating the application of search-based software engineering in object-oriented design optimisationVassallo, Clyde (2014)
2015An LTL proof system for runtime verificationCini, Clare; Francalanza, Adrian
2023Radio astronomical images object detection and segmentation : a benchmark on deep learning methodsSortino, Renato; Magro, Daniel; Fiameni, Giuseppe; Sciacca, Eva; Simone Riggi; DeMarco, Andrea; Spampinato, Concetto; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Bufano, Filomena; SchillirĂ², Francesco; Bordiu, Cristobal; Pino, Carmelo
2009Slowdown invariance of timed regular expressionsBondin, Ingram; Pace, Gordon J.; Colombo, Christian
2019Small object detection in highly variable backgroundsSchembri, Michael; Seychell, Dylan
2006Testing PRNG's for use in a GAMeli, Clyde