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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Advertising on FacebookTsyganova, Yana (2010)
2013Analysis of the role of social media marketing and communication in the online gambling marketBehmann, Markus
2014Art as a political choreography through social media : an investigation of social media as a tool and space for art to drive social narrativesMizzi, Paul
2021Corporate communication through social networks : the identification of the key dimensions for dialogic communicationCapriotti, Paul; Zeler, Ileana; Camilleri, Mark Anthony
2018Enriching online education through differentiated learningMontebello, Matthew; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary
2015Event detection using social sensorsDingli, Alexiei; Mercieca, Loui; Spina, Ronald; Galea, Marco
2012Facehooked : a study on excessive social networking and contentmentDemarco, Joanna (2012)
2014Fame and shame : a study on self-presentation and self-esteem amongst emerging adults through Facebook : a qualitative studyCassar, Leona
2012The growing web of influence of social networking sites on interpersonal relationshipsSant, Petra
2019I am onlineBogolyubova, Olga
2010I befriended a face : a sociological inquiry of social networking sites in relation to the self and the online social activitiesScicluna, Abigail (2010)
2020Instagram and the self : exploitation or empowerment?Attard, Francesca
2017Integrated marketing communicationsCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2012Music goes social : the effect of online social networks on music artists' communication with fansLunkova, Olga (2012)
2012National DMOs and Web 2.0Hamill, Jim; Stevenson, Alan; Castillo, Daniela
2019-04On the importance of netnographic research in understanding young people’s virtual/real livesSarnou, Dallel
2007A personal semantic desktopBorg, Jimmy; Montebello, Matthew
2014Prosopagnosia : self-image as a glitch : commenting on issues of identity and self-representation within the realm of Facebook through the exploration and production of glitch [or glitch-alike] artPantelidou, Maria
2015Proxemics in the virtual age : potential proxemics changes because of the shift from a physical to a virtual contextCaruana, Claire
2011SNAP : the social network adaptive portalDingli, Alexiei; Scerri, Mark; Cutajar, Brendan; Galea, Kristian; Agius, Saviour; Cachia, Mark Anthony; Saliba, Justin; Cassar, Jeffrey; Tanti, Erica; Cassar, Sarah; Cini, Shirley; Koleva, Mariya