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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008AssimilationsMiodragovic Vella, Irina
2006CCBR ontology for reusable service templatesAbela, Charlie; Montebello, Matthew
2004Content-based text querying with ontological descriptorsAndreasen, Troels; Jensen, Per Anker; Nilsson, Jørgen Fischer; Paggio, Patrizia; Pedersen, Bolette Sandford; Erdman Thomsen, Hanne
2004CS AKTive space : building a semantic web applicationGlaser, Hugh; Alani, Harith; Chapman, Sam; Dingli, Alexiei; Gibbins, Nicholas; Harris, Stephen; Schraefel, M. C.; Shadbolt, Nigel
2004The Danish SIMPLE lexicon and its application in content-based queryingPaggio, Patrizia; Pedersen, Bolette Sandford
2015-06-16Enlarge your mesoscopy : a philosophical reflection on the human scale and projectual ontologiesGualeni, Stefano
2007Extracting an ontology automatically from scientific textBartolo, Reuben (2007)
2020The fear of death : between Plato and HeideggerCasha, Brenda (2020)
2017Finding the self through meaninglessness: anxiety in Heidegger's Being and TimeLenihan, Siobhan Sadhbh
2022The gene regulation knowledge commons: the action area of GREEKCKuiper, Martin; Bonello, Joseph; Fernandez-Breis, Jesualdo T.; Bucher, Philipp; Futschik, Matthias E.; Gaudet, Pascale; Kulakovskiy, Ivan V.; Licata, Luana; Logie, Colin; Lovering, Ruth C.; Makeev, Vsevolod J.; Orchard, Sandra; Panni, Simona; Perfetto, Livia; Sant, David; Schulz, Stefan; Vercruysse, Steven; Zerbino, Daniel R.; Lægreid, Astrid; The GRECO Consortium
2017Heidegger and phenomenology: on the circulation of the ontological differenceSacco, Damiano
2005An inquiry into Heidegger's phenomenology and its influence on post-modern thoughtFormosa, Aaron (2005)
2005Language technology for eLearningRosner, Michael
2010Links to - a Web 2.0 system that utilises linked data principles to link related resources togetherMontebello, Matthew; Sacco, Owen
2021Metaphorically representing chaos and order in the mindManara, Lara (2021)
2021Object, reduction, and emergence : an object-oriented viewYoung, Niki
2024Object-oriented animals : towards a theory of animality in OOOYoung, Niki
2017On the ontological status of musical actions in digital gamesOliva, Costantino
2021Only two peas in a pod : on the overcoming of ontological taxonomiesYoung, Niki
2015Overcoming objectlessness in today’s society of surveillanceBugeja, Yanika