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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Accreditation and quality assurance of e-learning based distance learning institutionMontebello, Matthew
2008ARIEL : Augmented Reality in Interactive E-learningCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2014Artificial intelligence to the rescue of e-learningMontebello, Matthew
2022-01-01(Call for Papers) Creating value through open innovation approaches : Implications for corporate sustainability and responsibilityBresciani, Stefano; Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Troise, Ciro; O'Regan, Nicholas
2008The connected campus : a blue sky approach to developing the virtual learning environment 2.0 (VLE 2.0) of IVIDET (International Virtual Dental School)Cox, M.J.; Dunne, S.; Hensten, Arne; Manzanares, M. Cristina; Onisei, D.; Paganelli, C.; Reynolds, Patricia A.; Rotgans, J.; Stagnell, Sami; Wilson, N.H.F.; Camilleri, Simon
2017E-learning paradigms : a model to address known issuesMontebello, Matthew
2007Enhanced dynamicity for web learning applications : web technologies on the moveCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2014Enhancing the effectiveness of e-learning through the combination of personal learning portfolios and social networksMontebello, Matthew
2017A framework for measuring VR-based instruction effectivenessVassallo, Keith; Camilleri, Vanessa; Layfield, Colin; Montebello, Matthew
2007Habitual practice vs. the struggle for change : can informal teacher learning promote ongoing change to professional practice?Attard, Karl
2017Language pathwaysCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2017Measuring e-learning effectiveness using a three-way comparisonMontebello, Matthew
2023Metaverse education : opportunities and challenges for immersive learning in virtual environmentsCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Camilleri, Adriana Caterina
2009Mobile paradigms in the virtual world - sharing connectivity in learningMontebello, Matthew; Camilleri, Vanessa
2009Morveus - mobile reality in virtual education for world cultureMontebello, Matthew; Camilleri, Vanessa
2017Next generation e-learningMontebello, Matthew
1999PERA - Personal Education Resource AssistantMontebello, Matthew
2014Performance indicators to assess distance education quality in MaltaMontebello, Matthew
2017Personalised e-learningMontebello, Matthew
2006Reflecting on reflection : a case study of one teacher's early-career professional learningAttard, Karl; Armour, Kathleen M.