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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Agile metrics in the construction industry : a step towards the application of agile project management in constructionCalleja, Kyle (2017)
2015Automation for an export-oriented software provider : analysis of current and evolving requirementsTheuma, Daniel
2021Barriers and benefits of implementing the lean concept in enterprisesPawlak, Natalia; Andryszak, Marcin
2021Book review : New workplaces – location patterns, urban effects and development trajectories. A worldwide investigationDi Marino, Mina; Bajada, Therese
2021Bureaucratic orientation of the organisation’s management : a structuring factorHopej-Tomaszycka, Magdalena; Hopej, Marian
2009Business performance analysis via VAIC™Sabolovic, Mojmir
2016Business process management in health care : current challenges and future prospectsButtigieg, Sandra C.; Prasanta, Dey; Gauci, Dorothy
2014Capital structure choice in the Baltic countriesZelgalve, Elvira; Berzkalne, Irina
2017Comparing the impact of management support on police officers’ perceptions of discretionary power and engagement : Australia, USA and MaltaBrunetto, Yvonne; Farr-Wharton, Ben; Farr-Wharton, Rod; Shacklock, Kate; Azzopardi, Joseph G.; Saccon, Chiara; Shriberg, Art
2023The customer service and building safe relationships between the enterprise and suppliers in VUCA timesWereda, Wioletta; Moch, Natalia; Wereda, Paweł
2021Denotation of leadership efficiencyPuszko, Katarzyna
2021Dynamic capabilities affecting the functioning of e-administration in Polish public administration entitiesHawrysz, Liliana
2021Economic efficiency of Polish social cooperatives operating in tourism and eventBłażejowska, Małgorzata
2018Enterprise resource planning systems in healthcareBriscoe, Karen
1995Evaluation and the search for course improvement : a nine step approachGauci, Saviour; Caruana, Albert
2018Evidence-based HRM through analytics : reducing the propensity of HRM to become a CinderellaBonello, Chris Ryan
2017Evidence-based HRM through analytics : reducing the propensity of HRM to become a CinderellaCassar, Vincent; Bezzina, Frank
2009Gaining company’s sustained competitive advantage, is really a necessary precondition for improved organizational performance? the case of TQMEconomou, Victoria Pekka; Chatzikonstantinou, Pantelis G.
1997Holqa mhux kajjikSpiteri, Lino
2019How employee motivation and management attitudes effect company performancePulis, Nicholas