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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Consensus document : as part of an Erasmus+ project of the Bioethics Research Programme of the Medical School, on harmonisation of end of life care (EndCare)Mallia, Pierre; Aquilina, Kevin; Galea, Daniela; Sultana, Mark
2003Dealing with terminal illness : policies and practices in an oncology setting : a study based at Sir Paul Boffa Hospital.Caruana, May
2020Ethical issues in palliative sedation in end-of-life cancer patientsSmeir, Mariella (2020)
2018The euthanasia debate : key issues to consider within the local contextMifsud, Kimberley Charlie
2015GPs and end of life decisions : views and experiencesAbela, Jurgen
2022The lived experiences of nurses' encounters with patients' deaths in a palliative inpatient settingXuereb, Joseph (2022)
2021Palliative and end-of-life care in critical care settings - Maltese nurses' and physicians' perspectivesFaenza, Diane; Trapani, Josef; Bonello, Marjorie
2022Palliative care in the critical care setting : a case study analysisFaenza, Diane (2022)
2012The perceived benefits of complementary therapies in palliative careScicluna, Charmaine
2018Physician–assisted suicide and its legal implicationsMeli, Kelly
2001Provision of palliative care in MaltaTaylor East, Claudia
2016Should Maltese law recognise the ‘right to die’?Muscat, Abigail
2006Social cases?Zammit, Paul; Ferry, Peter
2007Spirituality in social work : the views of home caregivers of terminally ill patientsMifsud, Vincienne (2007)
2009Symptom management by a community palliative care teamAbela, Jurgen C.
2020Therapeutic obstinacy in critical care patients : ethical issues related to withholding and withdrawing of treatmentZerafa, Manuel (2020)
2016-08Training in palliative medicine and Maltese doctors : a cross-sectional surveyAbela, Jurgen; Mallia, Pierre
2006-12The way aheadCaruana, Noel