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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 54(1)]Abela, Anthony
2003Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 54(2)]Farrugia, Edward; Naulty, Reg; Abela, Anthony
2014The changing paradigm of the Church's pastoral mission in the working worldVella, Reuben (2014)
1971Christ the ShepherdBusuttil, L. T. (1971)
2016Clear as a teacher and tender as a mother : the interface between doctrine and pastoral careAgius, Emmanuel
1990The didactic and pastoral nature of the liturgyGalea, Paul (1990)
1997Fourth and fifth formers read scriptureColeiro, George (1997)
2009Homosexuality models of moral reasoning & pastoral ministrySchembri, Kevin
2010"Jiena nemmen" : an evaluation of the 5th year catechetical programCamilleri, Joseph (2010)
1977The ministry and ministers of the wordBajada, Joseph (1977)
1977Parish pastoral councilsGouder, Anton (1977)
1997Pastoral planning and the media in Aetatis NovaeGrima, Godwin (1997)
2013The pastoral solicitude of the church in the marriage nullity processCrespo, Alessandra Dee
1971The pastoral work of the sisters of St. DorothyMifsud, Marie Louise (1971)
1982Reading the signs of God : the review of life method in Joseph Cardijn 1882-1982Fsadni, Joseph (1982)
2011Spiritual companionship through the ages : the development of a pastoral strategy for growth in spiritual lifeVassallo, Alfred (2011)
2003The suffering God : in search of a credible pastoral approach to human sufferingSaid, Mario (2003)
2010Understanding pastoral paradigm shift : the historical transformation of the rural village Wied il-G─žajn into an urban conglomeration MarsaskalaCasingena, Emanuel (2010)
2016Youth ministry in the thought of bishop Nikol Guzeppi Cauchi (1967-2006)Attard, Francesco Pio