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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The accountancy profession as perceived by three generations of professional accountantsCamilleri, Leander
2002Active versus passive processing of biological motionThornton, Ian M.; Rensink, Ronald A.
2013The application of online marketing techniques and e-commerce within the insurance industry : a study from the perspective of Maltese insurance companies and insurance brokersPisani, Ritienne
2023Association between culture and the preference for, and perceptions of, 11 routes of medicine administration : a survey in 21 countries and regionsMurdan, Sudaxshina; Wei, Li; Van Riet-Nales, Diana A.; Endale Gurmu, Abyot; Usifoh, Stella Folajole; Tăerel, Adriana-Elena; Yıldız-Peköz, Ayca; Krajnović, Dušanka; Azzopardi, Lilian M.; Brock, Tina; Fernandes, Ana I.; Souza dos Santos, André Luis; Panyin Anto, Berko; Vallet, Thibault; Euni Lee, Eunkyung; Hye Jeong, Kyeong; Akel, Marwan; Tam, Eliza; Volmer, Daisy; Douss, Tawfik; Furnham, Adrian
2008The 'assurance' of quality in education : attitudes and perceptionsMicallef Grimaud, Jacqueline (2008)
2008The attitudes, perceptions and feelings of immigrants towards Malta and the MalteseBoffa, Charisse (2008)
2016Audit quality attributes : perceptions within the local scenarioCamilleri, Roberta
2021Authority as the foundation for managing the formation of the young generation in the age of modern threatsZimny, Jan
2021-06Being in the presence of a person with an autism spectrum condition does not guarantee acceptanceBonnici, Cynthia; Bartolo, Paul A.
2009Beliefs and behaviours concerning hypertension and its treatment.Vella, Annette
2013Career guidance in perspective : an analysis of the service in educational settings through clients' understandingBorg, Graziella (2013)
1994Children's views of nurses.Aquilina, Isabelle
2008The chronic pain management service awareness and perceptions among health care professionals.Campbell, Maria
2016Cinematic representation and causality : a critical analysisAgius, Sean
2023Client perceptions of the use of unmanned aircraft in middle mile transportationDe Giovanni, Katya
2009Clients' knowledge and perceptions concerning routine blood investigations taken at health centres.Cucciardi, Mary Grace
2010Clients’ perception of their quality of life over time while being supported by a psychiatric outreach teamGrech, Paulann
2008Clinical learning environment as perceived by students and qualified staff.Mifsud, Mary Grace
2000Communication skills in newly qualified diploma nurses : perceptions of nursing officers and deputy nursing officers.Camilleri, Martin
2015Consumer perception of community pharmacist extended professional servicesVella, Maria; Grima, Michael; Wirth, Francesca; Attard Pizzuto, Maresca; Sammut Bartolo, Nicolette; Vella Szijj, Janis; Azzopardi, Lilian M.