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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Art, representation and truthCamilleri, Adrian (2008)
2017The CounterText interview : Judith ButlerAquilina, Aaron; Borg, Kurt
2015Critique as therapy : reflections on Foucault and DerridaBorg, Kurt
2002The death of God and the death of manVella, Louise (2002)
2009Epika Indo-Ewropea : program 1-17Azzopardi, Jean Paul; Zammit, Michael
2016-12The experience machine : existential reflections on virtual worldsGualeni, Stefano
2020Foucault on drugs : the personal, the ethical and the political in Foucault in CaliforniaBorg, Kurt
2004Hsieb fl-istejjer : programs 1-17Friggieri, Joe; De Lucca, Jean-Paul
2013Investigation into experimental, digital video art based on the five states of consciousness of non-dual eastern philosophy and including integral art analysisSavage, Janet L (2013)
2008Kierkegaard's prophetic pedigree : his 'deeper impression of existence' and modern ageButtigieg, John (2008)
2008Kull bidu mill-hsieb 2 : program 12Friggieri, Oliver; Schembri, Manwel
1995L-apoloġijaPlato; Zammit, Michael
1991L-influwenza ta' l-ideat politiċi ta' Platun fuq il-filosofija ta' l-edukazzjoni tiegħuAzzopardi, Simone
2006Lecture 4 : program 13 : George Bataille's interpretation of Potlach and the giftWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Zammit, Francois
2008Lectures 11 : program 9 : Santu Wistin fir-rinaxximent : minn utopja ghar-realta'Augustinian Institute; De Lucca, Jean-Paul
2011Lectures 17 : program 8 : music and emotion in ancient Greece and ChinaThe Malta Classics Association; Cooper, David
2005Lectures 2 : the human embryo in philosophy, science and the law : prof Lino GermanGerman, Lino
2005Lectures 3 : program 13 : filosfija u l-Belt t'AllaAugustinian Institute; Serracino-Inglott, Peter
2006Lectures 5 : program 7Works in Progress Seminars Series; Connell, George
2006Lectures 6 : program 11Augustinian Institute; Sultana, Mark