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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Arkhē-Tiktō : reimagining architecture from origin to manifestationMangion, Jeremy (2017)
2008Art, representation and truthCamilleri, Adrian (2008)
2009'At the still point of the turning world' : Four quartets and the philosophical EliotGrima, Sarah (2009)
2018Contemporary architectural tectonics : the role of stone in the Maltese islandsMallia, Andre (2018)
2017The CounterText interview : Judith ButlerAquilina, Aaron; Borg, Kurt
2021Creation, beginning and time in the Summa Theologiae : Why creation does not imply the beginning of the universe?Bianco, Lino
2015Critique as therapy : reflections on Foucault and DerridaBorg, Kurt
2002The death of God and the death of manVella, Louise (2002)
2017-11-01A dialogue concerning 'doing philosophy with and within computer games' - or : twenty rainy minutes in KrakowWesterlaken, Michelle; Gualeni, Stefano
1998Dwar l-arti tal-poeżijaSerracino, Karmenu (1998)
2018Editorial : PhilosophyDuca, Edward; Camilleri, Cassi
2020Editorial noteSultana, Mark
2009Epika Indo-Ewropea : program 1-17Azzopardi, Jean Paul; Zammit, Michael
2016-12The experience machine : existential reflections on virtual worldsGualeni, Stefano
2020Footnotes and finitudeZammit, Lara
2007For a feasible fulfilment 'I' was twice divided then finally blighted : a scrutiny of selfhood to secure self-fulfilmentMagro, Giles (2007)
2020Foucault on drugs : the personal, the ethical and the political in Foucault in CaliforniaBorg, Kurt
2000Heeding Sankara's Bhagavadgitabhasya : his proposal for meditation to serve as a complement to philosophical reason (Buddhi), thereby eradicating fragmentationZammit, Michael (2000)
2016Homer and his legacyDepartment of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta
2018Hrejjef filosofici : programs 1-17Frioggieri, Joe; Borg, Joe