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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Analysis of photovoltaic projects in a Mediterranean islandRibeiro, F. A.; Yousif, Charles
2018Analysis of solar photovoltaic system operating under partial shading conditionsBorg, Glen
2015Comparison of floating offshore wind turbines with floating solar PV in central Mediterranean watersVella, Peter P.
2005Contribution of solar applications towards achieving a renewable energy target for MaltaYousif, Charles
2015The economic feasibility of photovoltaic systems in the Maltese islands through MATLAB modellingScicluna, Kris; Zammit, Mark; Azzopardi, Brian
2017Environmental benefits of using photovoltaic panels in MaltaMontebello, Stefan
2014Evaluation and economic analysis of renewable energy support policy options with scenario modelling of grid integration aspectsAttard, Therese
2012Expert evaluation network delivering policy analysis on the performance of cohesion policy 2007-2013 : year 1-2011 : task 1 : renewable energy and energy efficiency of residential housing : MaltaEuropean Commission. Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy; Cordina, Gordon; Farrugia, Jana
2001A five-year report on a solar photovoltaic grid-tied system operating under a typical Mediterranean climateYousif, Charles; Scerri, Edward
1996Hands-on experience of the setting-up of a stand-alone photovoltaic demonstration project in MaltaScerri, Edward; Yousif, Charles
2015Investigating degradation of solar photovoltaic panels and use of greenhouses’ roofs for supplemental power generationBartolo, Kristy
2019Monitoring and simulation of power quality of PV invertersGrima, Claire
1995Performance of a 1.2 kWp stand-alone photovoltaic system in MaltaYousif, Charles; Scerri, E.
2013Performance of a solar-assisted thermodynamic heat pump for water heatingYousif, Charles; Cubero, Irene Teresa; Debono, Martin
1996Photovoltaic solar energy applications in MaltaYousif, Charles; Scerri, E.
2002Recent developments of applying solar photovoltaic technologies in MaltaYousif, Charles
2013SolAqua project : innovative photovoltaics on waterMule Stagno, Luciano
2014A study of floating PV module efficiencyMuscat, Melanie (2014)
2017When households go solar : determinants of uptake of a photovoltaic scheme and policy insightsBriguglio, Marie; Formosa, Glenn