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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Area secondary school students' perceptions of physics and application of physics conceptsCilia, Irene; Dimech, Donalise
2018Critical attitude and conceptual development in physics : what connections?Viennot, Laurence
2018An educational path on optical spectroscopy as a bridge from classical to modern Physics to overcome conceptual knotsBuongiorno, Daniele; Michelini, Marisa
2021The effect of a number of sec subjects on A-level physics in MaltaCutajar, Nicola; Musumeci, Martin
2021The effectiveness of physics lab reports and practical tests as assessment tools of practical skillsCini, Rodrick; Musumeci, Martin
2008Initial physics knowledge of new entrants to undergraduate radiography programs.Grech Fonk, Lorna
2005Intermediate physics, 16-18Farrell, Martin P.
2015-09Magnets, spinning nuclei and lightDuca, Edward
2006Physicists who made a difference : using history in physics teachingBezzina, Claudia; Grima, Charmaine
1979The problem of light : the first rumblings of the wave-particle dualityFarrugia, Albert
2010SEC Physics Q&A 2008-2009Camilleri, Patrick
2010SEC success physics : questions and model answers 2006-2007Camilleri, Patrick
2002Session Mo3c : interdisciplinary physicsBonello, Charles; Micallef, John
2010-12-01Solutions to the book Intermediate Physics 16-18 second editionFarrugia, Pierre-Sandre
2018The spectrograph: a prototype for a digital spectrometerBuongiorno, Daniele; Michelini, Marisa; Gervasio, Mario
2009A study on popular cultures of Form III Physics studentsDelia, Leanne
2010The transition from Integrated Science to Physics : the initial experience of Form 3 studentsBaldacchino, Sharona
2010The use of cartoon animations, comic strips and concept cartoons in Physics teachingBaldacchino, Corinna
2018A vertical path proposal on magnetic and electromagnetic phenomena and superconductivity based on hands-on experimentsBuongiorno, Daniele; Michelini, Marisa; Santi, Lorenzo