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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07A biased Planning AuthorityEbejer, John
2013Challenges in temporal planning for aggregate load management of household electricity demandBajada, Josef; Fox, Maria; Long, Derek
2003Development control planning appeals : Malta, England, Ireland, and The Netherlands comparedFormosa, Samuel (2003)
2012The Economic Relations between the European Union and TurkeyZammit, Alexander (2012)
2021Efficient temporal piecewise-linear numeric planning with lazy consistency checkingBajada, Josef; Fox, Maria; Long, Derek
1972Feasibility of a national health service in MaltaSammut, Alessi Anne (1972)
2012ForewordWarrington, Edward
1990The implementation of project scheduling in the local construction industryZerafa Boffa, Joseph (1990)
2016Interfirm networks franchising, cooperatives and strategic alliances a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
1997Pastoral planning and the media in Aetatis NovaeGrima, Godwin (1997)
2000Planning and control systems for leases within the local small business settingGrech, Amy (2000)
2008Planning and control techniques in the light of the radical changes implemented by key players in the local insurance business scenarioBorg, Rebekah (2008)
2019-11Planning for greedEbejer, John
2011Predictive recommender for day planningZammit, Mandy (2011)
1997Reaching out and touching : the role of the planner in the advertising scenarioGrech, Alexea (1997)
2021TD3-based ensemble reinforcement learning for financial portfolio optimisationCuschieri, Nigel; Vella, Vince; Bajada, Josef
2016Temporal planning for rich numeric contextsBajada, Josef
2016Temporal planning with constants in contextBajada, Josef; Fox, Maria; Long, Derek
2015Temporal planning with semantic attachment of non-linear monotonic continuous behaviourBajada, Josef; Fox, Maria; Long, Derek