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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The applicability of plantar padding in reducing peak plantar pressure in the forefeet of healthy adultsGatt, Alfred; Briffa, Andrea; Chockalingam, Nachiappan; Formosa, Cynthia
2016Characteristics predicting foot ulceration outcomes in the diabetic footFormosa, Cynthia; Vella, Lourdes; Gatt, Alfred
2012Comparing job satisfaction amongst Maltese podiatrists working in different clinical settings.Caruana, David
2012Comparing two cryotherapy techniques for treatment of Plantar Warts.Chircop, David
1997A comparison between the effects of proper and ill-fitting footwear on the feetAzzopardi, Vanessa
2010A dynamic study of hallux dorsiflexion in mild and severe pronated feet.Mifsud, Tiziana
2010The effectiveness of simple insoles in the management of forefoot pain, disability and activity limitation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.Bartolo, Danine
2010The effects of night splints on patients suffering from painful hallux abducto valgus deformity.Azzopardi, Yvonne
2010The efficacy of an 8 week calf muscle stretching programme on vertical jump height between male athletes having ankle equinus and those having normal ankle range of motion.Micallef, Neil
2012Evaluating the effectiveness of iontophoresis as a type of treatment for plantar hyperhidrosis.Saliba Thorne, Claire
2009An evaluation of the relationship between foot posture and ankle sprain.Cefai, Josef
2010An explanatory study of onychomycosis in the Maltese population.Scicluna, Anne Marie
2010An exploratory study, comparing burnout between Maltese podiatrists working in Governmental Podiatry Clinics and those working in private practice only.Agius, Trista
1997Heel pain : its aetiology and management.Aquilina, Rosanna
2012The impact of pregnancy on foot health.Cassar, Dorothy
2010The influence of structural leg length discrepancy on plantar pressure patterns.Cutajar, Silvianne
1997Mycotic infections effecting the skin of the feet.Cacciattolo, Edel
2006The profession of Podiatry - The Staffordshire Malta linkDunning, David
1990Pseudoainhum : a dermatological oddityGatt, Paul; Pace, Joseph L.
1997The role of the podiatrist in the prevention of foot ulceration in patients with diabetes mellitus.Camilleri, Marita