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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998ANGST : letteratura politika : program 14Grech, Sergio
2010Classic texts : no. 13. signposts for a politically engaged pedagogyMayo, Peter
2013Diskorsi : program 10Pirotta, Joseph; Borg, Joseph
2014Diskorsi : program 16Pirotta, Joseph; Borg, Joseph
2015Diskorsi u lilhinn minnhom : program 4Pirotta, Joseph; Borg, Joseph
2009Ghamlu differenza : program 1Pirotta, Joe; Borg, Joseph
2009Ghamlu differenza : program 2Pirotta, Joe; Borg, Joseph
2016Ghazliet and Co. : program 4Aquilina, Dulcima
1989Interest group politicsRizzo, Saviour
2005Lecture 2 : the relationship between journalism and political power : prof Thierry GuidetFrench Embassy in collaboration with the Center for Communication Technology at the University of Malta; Guidet, Thierry
2005Lectures 1 : China's rise as a major powerCamilleri, Joseph A.
2008Lectures 11 : program 13 : the USA in transition : from here to where?Department of Youth and Community Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta; Bordonaro, Molly
2008Lectures 11 : program 4 : ir-rilevanza tal-politika u ta' xi valuri f' Santu Wistin ghall-harsien tal-valuri bioetici fl-Ewropa tal-lumAugustinian Institute; Agius, Emmanuel
2008Lectures 11 : program 7 : Augustine of Hippo and political ethicsAugustinian Institute; Dodaro, Robert
2008Lectures 11 : program 9 : Santu Wistin fir-rinaxximent : minn utopja ghar-realta'Augustinian Institute; De Lucca, Jean-Paul
2009Lectures 12 : program 6 : art's pedagogical polityWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Baldacchino, John
2010Lectures 14 : program 8 : conflict management among irregular immigrants : the micro politics of intercultural respectWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Clough, Paul
2011Lectures 16 : programs 1, 2 and 3 : symposiium on gender and international relationsDepartment of International Relations at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta; European Commission Representation in Malta; Goldstein, Joshua S.
2013Lectures 20 : program 16 : the politics of indignationWorks in Progress Seminars Series; Mayo, Peter
2005Lectures 3 : program 10 : imhabba : is-sisien taz-zewgt ibliet : teorija Agostinjana tal-politikaAgostinian Institute; Borg, Lucien