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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Aerial remote sensing and spatial analysis of marine benthic habitats in St George’s Bay (Malta)Galdies, Charles; Borg, Joseph A.
2005Architectural characteristics of two bed types of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica over different spatial scalesBorg, Joseph A.; Attrill, Martin James; Rowden, Ashley A.; Schembri, Patrick J.; Jones, Malcolm Brandon
2004Aspects of the ecology of the faunal assemblages associated with wrack stranded on the Maltese shoresSaliba, Stephen (2004)
2020An assessment of entomofauna diversity on managed and non-managed beaches : a comparative studyCilia, Mathias Florin (2020)
1998Bathymetric distribution of decapods associated with a Posidonia oceanica meadow in Malta (Central Mediterranean)Borg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2005Caulerpa racemosa impact on phytobenthic/macro algal communities at Tad-Debbra (Marsaxlokk)Camilleri, Cedric (2005)
1993Changes in marine benthic community types in a Maltese bay following beach rehabilitation worksBorg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2002-11Changes in the structure of a Posidonia oceanica meadow and in the diversity of associated decapod, mollusc and echinoderm assemblages, resulting from inputs of waste from a marine fish farm (Malta, Central Mediterranean)Dimech, Mark; Borg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2009Considerations on the ecological role of wrack accumulations on sandy beaches in the Maltese Islands and recommendations for their conservation managementDeidun, Alan; Saliba, Stephen; Schembri, Patrick J.
2006Environmental monitoring at St George’s Bay (Malta) in connection with beach replenishment worksBorg, Joseph A.; Gauci, Marika J.; Magro, Mildred; Micallef, Mark A.
1995Epibenthic macrofaunal assemblages and bottom heterogeneity in the shallow infralittoral of the Maltese IslandsBorg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
1998Habitat characteristics and fauna of Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Maltese IslandsBorg, Joseph A.
2003Habitat characterization of Posidonia oceanica leaf litter StocksDimech, Mark (2003)
2016Influence of wave climate on architecture and landscape characteristics of Posidonia oceanica meadowsPace, Matthew; Borg, Joseph A.; Galdies, Charles; Malhotra, Amit
2015It was only a matter of time : occurrence of Caulerpa taxifolia (Vahl) C. Agardh var. distichophylla (Sonder) Verlaque, Huisman and Procaccini in the Maltese Islands (Chlorophyta, Ulvophyceae, Caulerpaceae)Schembri, Patrick J.; Barbara, Jacqueline; Deidun, Alan; Lanfranco, Edwin; Lanfranco, Sandro
2017-01Levels of heavy metals in wetland and marine vascular plants and their biomonitoring potential : a comparative assessmentBonanno, Giuseppe; Borg, Joseph A.; Martino, Vincenzo di
2013Macrofaunal diversity of infralittoral cobble beds in the Maltese IslandsEvans, Julian; Attrill, Martin James; Borg, Joseph A.; Cotton, P. A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2006Motile macroinvertebrate assemblages associated with submerged Posidonia oceanica litter accumulationsDimech, Mark; Borg, Joseph A.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2009Occurrence and distribution of different bed types of seagrass Posidonia oceanica around the Maltese IslandsBorg, Joseph A.; Rowden, Ashley A.; Attrill, Martin James; Schembri, Patrick J.; Jones, Malcolm Brandon
2014Posidonia oceanica meadow architecture and landscape characteristics : relationship with the hydrodynamic settingPace, Matthew; Galdies, Charles; Borg, Joseph A.