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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Anemia in pregnancyBenster, Barry
1969Anemia in pregnancy : the major causes in MaltaBenster, Barry; Cauchi, Maurice N.; Grech, J.L.; Agius, Emanuel
2021The association between maternal body mass index and the risk of infant congenital heart defectsSultana, Amy (2021)
2018A case of the syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion in the setting of pre eclampsiaMontebello, Annalisa; Caruana, Ruth; Thake, John; Vella, Sandro; Vassallo, Josanne
1963Casus moralis : de sterilizationeMuscat, C.
2020Changes in adipose tissue distribution during pregnancy in overweight and obese compared with normal weight women : a cluster-randomized controlled research study in MaltaAljush, Denis Erhan (2020)
1965Chest-piece : volume 2 : issue 5Mercieca, Arthur G.
2011Clinical practice guidelines for the management of diabetes during pregnancySavona-Ventura, Charles
2018Clinical presentation of preeclampsia and the diagnostic value of proteins and their methylation products as biomarkers in pregnant women with preeclampsia and their newbornsPortelli, Maria; Baron, Byron
1953-06Common pitfalls in obstetric practiceZammit, O.
2018Correction : variations in childbirth interventions in high-income countries : protocol for a multinational cross-sectional studySeijmonsbergen-Schermers, Anna E.; Jonge, Ank de; Akker, Thomas van den; Beeckman, Katrien; Bogaerts, Annick; Barros, Monalisa; Janssen, Patricia; Binfa, Lorena; Rydahl, Eva; Frith, Lucy; Gross, Mechthild M.; Hálfdánsdóttir, Berglind; Daly, Deirdre; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Gillen, Patricia; Vika Nilsen, Anne Britt; Declercq, Eugene
2006Cytogenetic and Fluorescence in situ Hybridisation (FISH) analysis of miscarriages.Sultana, Tessabelle
2019-12Diabetes in pregnancy : diagnosis, management, outcome and complicationsAgius, Maria Petra; Gruppetta, Mark; Vassallo, Josanne
2004Diabetic pregnancy outcome in Malta the outcome of non-gestational diabetic pregnancies in the Maltese IslandsSavona-Ventura, Charles; Chircop, Marcelle; Ellul, Alan; Azzopardi, Joseph; Janulova, Lina
1961-08Dissecting aneurysm associated with pregnancyGrech, Edwin S.
2021The effectiveness of aromatherapy in reducing pregnancy induced nausea and vomitingRefalo, Lara Marie (2021)
1965Foetal hazards from maternal therapy in late pregnancyCamilleri, Arthur P.
1993Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) : excellent control or non-diseaseXuereb, Dennis
1984Homozygous beta thalassaemia and pregnancyGrech, E.S.; Silva, L.J.P.; Savona-Ventura, Charles
2008Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy in gestational diabetic womenSavona-Ventura, Charles; Grima, Stephen