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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advanced maternal age and pregnancy outcome in MaltaCaruana, Mandy
1999Anti-smoking in pregnancy campaignsBorg-Barthet, Paul (1999)
2013-03Assisted conception- IVF and other proceduresBrincat, Mark
1975Chest-piece : volume 3 : issue 7Agius, Mark
2003Devotees of Venus : a history of sexuality in MaltaSavona-Ventura, Charles
1997Drawwa ta' nisa tqal ghal hlas tajjebPorsella-Flores, Joseph F.
2017-11Editorial [Gozo Observer, 36]Briguglio, Lino
2020The effect of antidepressants during pregnancy on the incidence of autism in childrenTabone, Ann
2022The effects of trauma during pregnancy on the child : perceptions of mental health professionalsScicluna, Naomi (2022)
2021First-time mothers’ experiences of antenatal education during the COVID-19 pandemicCassar, Elizabeth (2021)
2022First-time mothers’ experiences of antenatal education during the COVID-19 pandemicCassar, Elizabeth; Spiteri, Georgette
1999Fitness for twoCutajar, Marion (1999)
2017The Gozo Observer : Issue 36 : Summer 2017Briguglio, Lino; Calleja, Joseph; Cauchi, Maurice N.; Camilleri Rolls, Caroline
2019The impact of prenatal ambient air pollution exposure on childhood asthma developmentSciberras, Sarah
2004Midwives' knowledge on gestational diabetes mellitusMuscat, Rose Marie
2007Midwives' views on maternal positions during the second stage of labour.Bondin, Fiona
2004Midwives' views on pelvic floor muscle exercises during pregnancyEbejer Marinova, Anna
2000Obstacles perceived and experienced by young mothers to their and their baby's wellbeingMercieca, Pauline (2000)
1975Pregnancy and birth in Maltese traditionCassar, Paul
2019Risk awareness of delayed childbearing among young people in tertiary educationCuschieri, Isabelle