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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Attitudes towards prisoners amongst University of Malta studentsZammit, Francesca
1996A career in delinquencyTesta, Cecilia (1996); Vella Bray, Reuben (1996)
2014Dark tourism on the Maltese Islands : prison as case studiesAlamango, Maria Claire
2008Education in prison : can it be improved?Formosa, Marilyn (2008)
2020The effectiveness of imprisonment in reducing recidivism : a case study of drug offendersGalea, Savio (2020)
2012-11Foreigners in Maltese prisonsZammit, Abraham; Formosa, Saviour; Formosa Pace, Janice
2012Foreigners in Maltese prisons : spanning the 150-year divideFormosa, Saviour; Scicluna, Sandra; Formosa Pace, Janice
2012The gender of crime : are female any different from male offenders?Bezzina, Marylynn (2012)
1978-01Il-Pulizija : volume 1, no. 9 : 1978Marshall, Michael; Malta Police Force
1980-06Il-Pulizija : volume 4, no. 2 : 1980Marshall, Michael; Malta Police Force
1984-04Il-Pulizija : volume 5, no. 2 : 1984Attard, E.; Malta Police Force
1984Il-ħabsTheuma, R. C.
2011The impact of prison on inmates : a sociological investigation of former inmates at Corradino Correction Facility MaltaCamilleri, Jessica (2011)
2021Inkjesta dwar l-eżami indipendenti tas-sistemi, policies u regolamenti kurrenti operati mill-Aġenzija tas-Servizzi Korrettivi. Summarju tar-rapport tal-bord ta’ inkejstaGrech, Anton; Grech, George; Formosa Pace, Janice
2017The legal implications of private prisons in MaltaCamilleri, Chiara
2021-09-26Looking back at Malta's prisons in 1837Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2019A nightmare or a thrill? : prison life as perceived by adolescentsSciberras, Paula
2019-12One step beyondFormosa, Saviour
2004Prison : a good method of reform? A juvenile perspectiveLicari, Etienne (2004)
2011Prisoners of Malta : the profile of prisoners of 1880 and 1890 in the Maltese IslandsSpiteri, Keith (2011)