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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of civic activity as an element shaping local level threat resilience in communitiesGórska-Rożej, Karina
2012-06Assessing governmentDuca, Edward;
2019-05Book review : Achieving sustainable e-government in Pacific island statesTitifanue, Jason
2022Co-creating smart cities : design thinking for 21st century urban planningSchulders, Maria
2017Contractual forms of agreement between the bodies of the executiveShmaliy, O. V.; Dushakova, L. A.
2015The determinants of governance : a global analysisRontos, Konstantinos; Syrmali, Maria-Eleni; Vavouras, Ioannis
2008The disposal of government property : an appraisal of policy, organisation and proceduresFalzon, Ronald (2008)
2019Exploring the relevance of accounting frameworks in the pursuit of financial sustainability of public sector entities : a holistic approachCaruana, Josette; Brusca, Isabel; Caperchione, Eugenio; Cohen, Sandra; Manes Rossi, Francesca
2019A hybrid simulation approach to modelling the impact of public interventions on povertyŁatuszyńska, Małgorzata; Fate, Shivan
2005Information and communication technology innovation : a challenge to the Maltese public administrationStellini, David (2005)
2019Innovation in public policymaking : lessons for small statesCassar, Yanica
1999An internal marketing approach to public sector management : the marketing and human resources interfaceEwing, Michael T.; Caruana, Albert
2021L-alternattiva komunistavon Brockdorff, Philip
2011Lifelong guidance, citizen rights and the state : reclaiming the social contractSultana, Ronald G.
2017Mathematical methods and models in economic planning, management and budgeting (second edition) - a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
1997-04The new public administration : lessons from the experiences of small and island statesCollins, Paul; Warrington, Edward
2003Procurement by tender : a comparative analysis between the situation in Malta and in the European UnionSammut, Mario
2021The proposed IPSAS on measurement for public sector financial reporting - recycling or reiteration?Caruana, Josette