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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Access to orphan medication and quality of life in rare diseasesAbbas, Amar
2017-07Active ageing and care homes for older personsFormosa, Marvin
2017Active ageing centres and the quality of life of older adults in the communityFarrugia, Marzia
1995Arkitettura u ambjent : “Burning down the house to stay warm”De Bono, Martin J.
2020Artists, audiences and wellbeing : an economic analysisBriguglio, Marie; Camilleri, Gilmour; Vella, Melchior
2020Assessment of the oral health status in a visually impaired Maltese adult populationStanyer, Serine (2020)
2004Assessment of the quality of life of people with rheumatoid arthritisBonello, Pauline
2019Case management : supporting informal caregivers of persons with dementiaAgius, Maria Gloria
2018A community intervention programme : the effects of low intensity exercise on the health related quality of life (HR-QOL) in older adultsPisani, Andrew
2020Comparing the oral hygiene status of older adults with diagnosed dementia and their caregivers’ oral health knowledge in private and government long term residential care facilitiesStajkovic, Ana (2020)
2016Does grandparenting pay off? : the impact of child care on grandparents’ quality of lifeSant, Maria Isabella
2017-05-30An economy on steroidsBriguglio, Marie
1992Effect of communication on the quality of life of renal transplant recipientsBaldacchino, Donia
2012Effectiveness of haemodialysis modalities on QOL in clients with ESRDSchembri, Patrick
2019The effectiveness of psychosocial interventions for primary caregivers of children with cancerVella, Daniela
2019Effects of enteral feeding on lung function in children with cystic fibrosisZarb, Pauline
2019The effects of tourism on the quality of life in MaltaCalamatta, Daniel Stefan
2002The elderly patient and quality of life judgementsFiorini, Anthony
2018Enhancing long term health maintenance and quality of life outcomes for middle-aged CABG patientsGauci, Natalia
2019Exploring the lived experience of adolescents diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseaseVella, Seana