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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Accidental scienceXuereb, Andre; Cameron, Sara
2016-10Chad Orzel : how to teach quantum physics to your dog [book review]Cini, Andrea Marie
2020Decoherence effects on quantum information processing protocolsConsiglio, Mirko
2017Disorder-assisted distribution of entanglement in X Y spin chainsAlmeida, Guilherme M. A.; de Moura, Francisco A. B. F.; Apollaro, Tony John George; Lyra, Marcelo L.
2011Dissipative optomechanics in a Michelson-Sagnac interferometerXuereb, Andre; Schnabel, Roman; Hammerer, Klemens
2020Dynamical dark energy modelsFarrugia, Christine
2011Efficient quantum information transfer through a uniform channelBanchi, Leonardo; Apollaro, Tony John George; Cuccoli, Alessandro; Vaia, Ruggero; Verrucchi, Paola
2006Entanglement localization by a single defect in a spin chainApollaro, Tony John George; Plastina, Francesco
2022Estimation of disorders in the rest positions of two membranes in optomechanical systemsSanavio, Claudio M.; Bernad, Jozsef Zsolt; Xuereb, Andre
2020Fisher-information-based estimation of optomechanical coupling strengthsSanavio, Claudio; Bernád, József Zsolt; Xuereb, Andre
2021Floquet control of optomechanical bistability in multimode systemsMercadé, Laura; Pelka, Karl; Burgwal, Roel; Xuereb, Andre; Martínez, Alejandro; Verhagen, Ewold
2015Heat transport in quantum chainsDebono, Ryan (2015)
1997Interdiffused strained InGaAs/InP single quantum wells with different rates of diffusion on Group III and Group V sublattices.Borg, James L (1997)
2011Long quantum channels for high-quality entanglement transferBanchi, L.; Apollaro, Tony John George; Cuccoli, A.; Vaia, R.; Verrucchi, P.
2011-06Loomis-Sikorski theorem and Stone duality for effect algebras with internal stateBuhagiar, David; Chetcuti, Emmanuel; Dvurecenskij, Anatolij
2013Make light talk to lightXuereb, Andre
2015Many-qubit quantum state transfer via spin chainsApollaro, Tony John George; Lorenzo, Salvatore; Sindona, A.; Paganelli, Simone; Giorgi, G. L.; Plastina, Francesco
2011Memory-keeping effects and forgetfulness in the dynamics of a qubit coupled to a spin chainApollaro, Tony John George; Di Franco, Carlo; Plastina, Francesco; Paternostro, Mauro
2012Mirror-mediated cooling : a paradigm for particle cooling via the retarded dipole forceFreegarde, Tim; Bateman, James; Xuereb, Andre; Horak, Peter
2014-03NMR, kidneys and a familyCutajar, Marica