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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessing the impact of financial and non-financial measures on share pricesFormosa, Mario
2014A capital structure financial analysis and unmeasured effect of each countries regime : the real estate companies (REITS)Rovolis, Antonios; Liapis, Konstantinos J.; Spilioti, Stella N.
2012Company failure prediction in the Maltese context : Wilcox Gambler's Ruin Prediction Model versus conventional ratiosSultana, David
2015Credit risk and credit risk mitigation : a study on European banksGalea, Christabelle
2020Data envelopment analysis (DEA) and financial ratios : a pro-stakeholders’ view of performance measurement for sustainable value creation of the wind energyCurtis, Panayiotis G.; Hanias, Michael; Kourtis, Eleftherios; Kourtis, Mixalis
2015Evaluating the financial performances of the enterprises operating in Istanbul stock exchange technology indexOrs, Tugba; Takil, Davut; Altin, Meltem
2016An evaluation of the financial performance of Malta’s leading telecommunication entities : a comparative studyEdric, Grech
2015Examining firms quoted in Borsa Istanbul IT index via ratio analysisYaghi, Hatem; Kanbur, Yakup
2015The extent to which changing trends in key financial ratios of local SMEs can serve as an early warning sign for distressPortelli, Ranald
2020A financial analysis of South eastern local councils in MaltaBartolo, Claud
2018-07Impact of global financial crisis on socially innovative microfinance institutions in PakistanKhan, Ather Azim; Mustafa, Faisal; Khursheed, Ambreen
2016Intensity and extensity of firm development and dynamic Dupont analysisMihola, Jiri; Kotesovcova, Jana; Wawrosz, Petr
2017Liquidity risk management : a comparative analysis on the core domestic banks in MaltaTabone, Antonella
2017Solvency evaluation, comparing traditional financial situation assessment methods with information from cash flow statements, using data from insolvent companies in the Republic of LatviaSteinberga, Dzeina; Millere, Inta
2016Valuation and turnaround of distressed firms : a twin case study analysisMizzi, Philip Mario