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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Amicizia, sapere e riconciliazione nel progetto campanellianoDe Lucca, Jean-Paul
2011Believing in a secular age : anthropology, sociology and religious experienceBaldacchino, Jean Paul; Kahn, Joel S.
2019The Church as body of Christ : Pavel Florenskij’s, The Concept of Church in Sacred ScriptureSciberras, Paul
2001Divine action in the context of modern scientific thinkingLameter, Christoph
2016God and design in natureCilia-Vincenti, Victor
1991Hegel's Encyclopedia of 1830 §40-51 : an exegesis : part 2Ahlers, Rolf
1991Hegel's Encyclopedia of 1830 §§ 40-51 : an exegesisAhlers, Rolf
1872Il Barth : gazzetta di medicina e scienze naturali : Vol. 1, No. 5Gulia, Gavino
2018Living three worlds: individual experience and social reality in the contemporary eraShaw, Victor N.
1994Maschile e femminile : verso un nuovo scambio simbolicoDi Nicola, Giulia P.
2013Mental disorder as vulnerable ground for evil : the disconnection between medicine and religionCassar, Joyce
2018The mythical conflict : have science and religion got on better than people think?Hannam, James
2019Pavel Florenskij’s The Concept of the Church in Sacred Scripture : the reaction and response of a systematic theologianScerri, Hector
2019Pavel Florensky, the symbols of the infiniteRiolo, Vincent
2019Physics, technology, and theology in Pavel FlorenskyZammit, Ray
1988Psychology and religionDarmanin, Alfred
2018Science and miraclesHarris, Mark
2018Science and religion : clash of worldviewsCaruana, Louis
2018Science and religion : educating the publicAgius, Emmanuel; Caruana, Sandro; Sammut, Charles V.
2020Secularisation today : a contemporary responseGauci, MaryAnne (2020)