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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1949-04The authority of St. Thomas Aquinas in theologyZarb, S. M.
1949-11The authority of St. Thomas Aquinas in theology : part 2Zarb, S. M.
1967Biblical interpretation in 'Dei Verbum'Sant, C.
1989Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 40(2)]Zammit, E. L.; Abela, Anthony; Fitzgerald, Michael L.; Eminyan, Maurice
1990Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 41(2)]Frendo, Anthony J.; Tonna, Ivo
1991Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 42(1)]Abela, Anthony
1992Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 43(1)]Kilgallen, John J.
1992Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 43(2)]Zerafa, P.; Grima, George
1993Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 44(1)]Zerafa, P.
1994Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 45(1)]Zerafa, P.; Cassar, Carmel
1994Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 45(2)]Abela, Anthony
1995Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 46(1)]Abela, Anthony
1996Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 47(1)]Abela, Anthony
2003Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 54(1)]Abela, Anthony
2003Book reviews [Melita Theologica, 54(2)]Farrugia, Edward; Naulty, Reg; Abela, Anthony
1954-01The commentary of St. Thomas on Mt 24 : the destruction of JerusalemSant, C.
1969'Dignitatis humanae personae' and the fathersMifsud, Joseph
1948-04Dislocations in the fourth gospel with reference to a recent theorySaydon, Pietru Pawl
1959Domenicus Magri and his apparentes s. scripturae contradictionesSaydon, Pietru Pawl
1971Eusebius of Cesarea's views on the canon of the holy scriptures and the texts he used in his worksSant, C.