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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An asynchronous method for cloud-based renderingBugeja, Keith; Debattista, Kurt; Spina, Sandro
2020Atlas shrugged : device-agnostic radiance megatexturesMagro, Mark; Bugeja, Keith; Spina, Sandro; Napoli, Kevin; De Barro, Adrian
2016-06Broadcasting free-viewpoint television over long-term evolution networksZarb, Terence; Debono, Carl James
2014Collaborative high-fidelity rendering over peer-to-peer networksBugeja, Keith; Debattista, Kurt; Spina, Sandro; Chalmers, A.
2013-11Collaborative rendering over peer-to-peer networksBugeja, Keith
2017Context aware high-fidelity rendering over peer-to-peer systemsDe Barro, Adrian
2017Context aware high-fidelity rendering over peer-to-peer systemsDe Barro, Adrian
2016-07A depth map rate control algorithm for HEVC Multi-View : video plus depthCordina, Maria; Debono, Carl James
2014Depth-based image processing for 3d video rendering applicationsZarb, Terence; Debono, Carl James
2013Distributed high-fidelity graphics using P2PD'Agostino, Daniel (2013)
2012-11Distributed high-fidelity graphics using P2PD’Agostino, Daniel
2017Efficient rendering of shadowcasting for multiple dynamic point light sourcesApap, Jean Karl
2016Fast high definition video rendering on mobile devicesBorg, Matthew; Debono, Carl James
2014A final gathering technique for rasterisationGouder, Darryl (2014)
2018Frame rate vs resolution : a subjective evaluation of spatiotemporal perceived quality under varying computational budgetsDebattista, Kurt; Bugeja, Keith; Spina, Sandro; Hulusic, V.
2014Implementation of fast free-viewpoint video rendering on graphics processing unitsAttard, Nicholas; Debono, Carl James
2017Interactive high-fidelity rendering in the CloudAbela, Andrew
2009Minimizing uplink data in wireless free-viewpoint video transmission applicationsDebono, Carl James; De Raffaele, Clifford
2012Performance improvement of segmentation-based depth representation in 3D imagery by region mergingDe Raffaele, Clifford; Camilleri, Kenneth P.; Farrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2007Photon : particle-based effect simulation and rendering imageVella, George (2007)