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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Accomplishing the Europe 2020 : energy targets - a case study of MaltaSghendo, Andrea (2013)
2016Advances in wind energy technology : COST Action TU1304 WINERCOST : 2nd International Training School, Chania, CreteBaniotopoulos, Charalampos; Borri, Claudio; Blocken, Bert; Hemida, Hassan; Veljkovic, Milan; Morbiato, Tommaso; Borg, Ruben Paul; Huber, Stefanie E.; Efthymiou, Evangelos; Stavroulakis, Georgios E.
2015Advances in wind energy technology : prefaceBaniotopoulos, Lambis; Borg, Ruben Paul
2015Anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste for waste treatment and energy recoveryBrincat, Andrea Carl
2016Analysis of a novel offshore platform with integrated energy storage operating in Central Mediterranean watersBuhagiar, Daniel; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.
2009Analysis of renewable energy policy impacts on optimal integration of future grid-connected PV systemsAzzopardi, Brian; Mutale, Joseph
2020Are eco-innovations a key element for green growth?Kasztelan, Armand; Kijek, Tomasz; Kijek, Arkadiusz; Kierepka-Kasztelan, Anna
2017Assessing PV module degradation and the potential of using greenhouse roofs for supplemental PV power generation in MaltaBartolo, Kristy; Yousif, Charles
2020Assessing the economic impact of renewable energy on economic growthFrancalanza, Owen
2005Assessing the prospects for wind power generation in MaltaFarrugia, Robert N.
2013Assessment of domestic photovoltaic systems based on real options theoryMartinez-Cesena, Eduardo Alejandro; Azzopardi, Brian; Mutale, Joseph
2013Assessment of logistics and port facilities in constructing offshore wind farms in Maltese watersSofia, Carolina (2013)
2017An assessment of students’ knowledge and awareness about local climate change related issues towards the end of compulsory educationMc Lean, Sharon
2014Bioenergy production using high rate, low F:M anaerobic digestionEllis, Timothy G.; Evans, Eric A.
2015Buoyant energy - balancing wind power and other renewable in Europe's oceansKlar, Robert; Aufleger, Markus; Sant, Tonio; Neisch, Valerie; Farrugia, Robert N.
2022The challenges for social and economic policy related to the energy transformation : analysis of profitability and minimizing the risk of deciding to invest in a home micro-installationNiekurzak, Mariusz; Lewicki, Wojciech; Brelik, Agnieszka
2018Civil society perspectives on green jobs in sustainable energy : the case of European MaltaBriguglio, Michael; Brown, Maria
2009Climate is changing, when will Malta be energy saving? : local attitudes towards renewable sources of energy, and the generating of ideas to aid green energy in MaltaHuy, Esther (2009)
2018Cloud induced PV impact on voltage profiles for real microgridsCagatay Kocer, Mustafa; Yoldas, Yeliz; Goren, Selcuk; Onen, Ahmet; Alan, Irfan; Al-Agtash, Salem; Azzopardi, Brian; Martensen, Nis; Martinez-Ramos, Jose L.; Tzovaras, Dimitrios; Hadjidemetriou, Lenos; Khiat, Mounir; Camilleri, Tim; Borg, Nicholas
2022A combined light regime and carbon supply regulation strategy for microalgae-based sugar industry wastewater treatment and low-carbon biofuel production to realise a circular economyWang, Xiang; Qin, Zi-Hao; Hao, Ting-Bin; Ye, Guang-Bin; Mou, Jin-Hua; Balamurugan, Srinivasan; Bin, Xiao-Yun; Buhagiar, Joseph A.; Wang, Hong-Mei; Lin, Carol Sze Ki; Yang, Wei-Dong; Li, Hong-Ye