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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste for waste treatment and energy recoveryBrincat, Andrea Carl
2016Analysis of a novel offshore platform with integrated energy storage operating in Central Mediterranean watersBuhagiar, Daniel; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.
2020Are eco-innovations a key element for green growth?Kasztelan, Armand; Kijek, Tomasz; Kijek, Arkadiusz; Kierepka-Kasztelan, Anna
2017An assessment of students’ knowledge and awareness about local climate change related issues towards the end of compulsory educationMc Lean, Sharon
2014Bioenergy production using high rate, low F:M anaerobic digestionEllis, Timothy G.; Evans, Eric A.
2015Buoyant energy - balancing wind power and other renewable in Europe's oceansKlar, Robert; Aufleger, Markus; Sant, Tonio; Neisch, Valerie; Farrugia, Robert N.
2018Civil society perspectives on green jobs in sustainable energy : the case of European MaltaBriguglio, Michael; Brown, Maria
2015Comparing the performance of two control strategies for a variable speed wind turbineBorg, Luke
2013Control of a doubly fed induction machine in a wind energy conversion systemScicluna, Kris; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Apap, Maurice
2015COST Action TU1205 (BISTS) : building integration of solar thermal systems : overview of bits state of the art, models and applicationsLeindecker, Gerald; Belis, Jan; Georgiev, Aleksandar; Xydis, George; Christofari, Christian; Notton, Gilles; Tripanagnostopoulos, Yiannis; Capeluto, Guedi; Shiff, Galit; Palombo, Adolfo; Fedrizzi, Roberto; Norvaisiene, Rosita; Borg, Simon Paul; Buhagiar, Vincent; Wansdronk, Rene; Chwieduk, Dorota; Fitowski, Mariusz; Ramos, Joao; Almeida, Manuela; Bojic, Milorad; Kilic, Muhsin; Ford, Andy
2020Data envelopment analysis (DEA) and financial ratios : a pro-stakeholders’ view of performance measurement for sustainable value creation of the wind energyCurtis, Panayiotis G.; Hanias, Michael; Kourtis, Eleftherios; Kourtis, Mixalis
2015Design and testing of a low-level concentratorFarrugia Magro, Michael
2015Design of a grid connected inverter for a small wind turbineCiappara, Luca
2015Design of a linear electrical machine for a wave generation system in the Maltese watersXuereb, Annalise; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Sant, Tonio; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Sayigh, Ali
2019Distributed voltage control with electric spring smart loadsFalzon, Dylan
1979The energy outlookMusy, Gisele
2009Estimating the angle of attack from blade pressure measurements on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory phase VI rotor using a free wake vortex model : yawed conditionsSant, Tonio; van Kuik, Gijs; van Bussel, Gerard
2013Field behaviour of a flat panel ground heat exchangerBottarelli, Michele; Bortoloni, Marco
2014-06The flexigas simulator : a decision support system for biogas chainsWijbrandi, Wilco; Azzopardi, George; Lazovik, Elena; Frank, Pierie
2018Green heat, green powerCilia, Joseph; Camilleri, Cassi