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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Adolescents' resilience during COVID-19 pandemic and its mediating role in the association between SEL and mental healthGrazzani, Ilaria; Agliati, Alessia; Cavioni, Valeria; Conte, Elisabetta; Gandellini, Sabina; Lupica Spagnolo, Mara; Ornaghi, Veronica; Micol Rossi, Francesca; Cefai, Carmel; Bartolo, Paul; Camilleri, Liberato; Oriordan, Mollie Rose
2010Against all odds : a follow up study into the adaptation and experiences of a group of young men formerly in careCurmi, Richard (2010)
2014Against all odds : resilience in the face of breast cancerMillo, Jessica Marie
2019-11Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 11(2)]Cowie, Helen; Spears, Barbara A.; Myers, Carrie-Anne; Zammit, Lucianne
2020-04Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 12(1)]Hayes, Beatrice; Sims-Schouten, Wendy; Cowie, Helen; Ecochard, Sidonie
2020Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 12(2)]Cowie, Helen; Miljević-Riđički, Renata; Malikiosi-Loizos, Maria; Buckley, Karyn
2018Building resilience : the challenges of pre-professional dance trainingAbela, Corinna
2013-04Circle solutions, a philosophy and pedagogy for learning positive relationships : what promotes and inhibits sustainable outcomes?Roffey, Sue; McCarthy, Florence
2012The cost of caring : an exploration of the impact of vicarious traumatisation on the counsellorBonanno, Carmen
2018The experience of resilience after childhood neglect and deprivation : implications for counsellingCilia, Phyllisianne
2022Fake news as a threat to social resilienceKuczabski, Mateusz J.
2017-12From adversity to success : four life experiences around resilienceCardenas-Jimenez, Andrea; Moreno-Angarita, Marisol
2016-04From positive youth development to youth’s engagement : the dream teensGaspar de Matos, Margarida; Simoes, Celeste; Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health
2020Gratitude moderates the relationship between happiness and resilienceLlenares, Ian I.; Deocarisb, Custer C.; Espanolac, Marjorie; Sariod, Jay A.
2017Hope and wellbeing : psychosocial correlates and benefitsSlezackova, Alena
2013How do seriously ill patients find existential meaning in their lives? : tales of hope and resilienceMallia Azzopardi, Luke
2017Promuovere la resilienza attraverso la formazione dei docentiZannetti, Maria Assunta; Gualdi, Gianluca; Cefai, Carmel; Bartolo, Paul A.; Galea, Natalie; Spiteri, Rachel; Matsopoulos, Anastassios; Gavogiannaki, Mariza; Rovis, Darko; Simunkovic, Gordana; Vasiljev Marchesi, Vanja; Basic, Josipa; Simoes, Celeste; Lebre, Paula; Caetano Santos, Anabela; Colomeischi, Aurora Adilna; Schipor, Doina Maria
2020Resilience in schools : research and practiceCefai, Carmel; Spiteri, Rachel
2016-12Road to resilienceCamilleri, Cassi; Cefai, Carmel
2016-04Short research report : exploring resilience development in a Taiwanese preschooler’s narrative : an emerging theoretical modelLin, Kuan-Ling Olivia