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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989An administrative and managerial work experience report August 1988/1989Borg, Frans (1989); Mallia, Joseph (1989)
2007Aspects of leadership and management of schools in a context of decentralizationMiceli, Theresa (2007)
2016Becoming an effective school leaderCamilleri Dimech, Sarah
2020A change process for the Tourism Undergraduate Programme of the University of MaltaEbejer, John; Buttigieg, Noel; Avellino, Marie
2014Comparing the leadership styles of two heads of department at Carnelian school : comparative case studiesParascandalo, Marthese
2011Externalities and public provision of educationPacheco Coelho, Manuel; Oliveira, Maria Leonor
2012Higher education governance : a critical mapping of key themes and issuesSultana, Ronald G.
2005Leaders of man : a study in leadershipSammut, Jahel (2005)
1988Lessons learnt from small hotel management and their application to school administrationMifsud Mamo, Joseph (1988)
2018Migration and plurilingualism in Southern European homes and schoolsCaruana, Sandro; Scaglione, Stefania
1999-04Seek data, then decide and actBezzina, Christopher
1998-04The Synergy project for primary schoolsMifsud, Mary Rose
2001Teacher incentives in the Middle East and North Africa region : the shortcomingsAbdo, Huda A.; Bahous, Rima; Thonhauser, Ingo
1983Teacher participation in the management of schoolsGalea Scannura, Charles
1995The typology of the school building : its importance in educational policies and practicesFalzon, Joe