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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Acquiring L2 sentence comprehension : a longitudinal study of word monitoring in noiseOliver, Georgina; Gullberg, Marianne; Hellwig, Frauke; Mitterer, Holger; Indefrey, Peter
2017Adapting literature to the language classroomPace, Mario
2015Becoming a teacher of foreign languages - contemporary challenges and perspectivesPace, Mario
2013Code-switching used by year 3 primary school teachers during English oracy lessonsMicallef, Stephanie (2013)
2001Cognitive-academic language proficiency and language acquisition in bilingual instruction : with an outlook on a university project in AlbaniaPortmann-Tselikas, Paul R.; Bahous, Rima; Thonhauser, Ingo
2018Commercialization of a language assessment application : the case of Maltese childrenFilin, Stanislav
2013The communicative versus the structural approach to learning English as a second languageAbela, Michaela
2018The creation of methodology of technical universities students’ intellectual skills formation and development in the foreign language courseAdonina, L.; Bondareva, O.; Fisenko, O. S.; Ismailova, K.
2001Current research in multilingualism and education in Lebanon : a reportHaraty, Nabelah; Oueini, Ahmad; Bahous, Rima; Thonhauser, Ingo
2018Difficulties encountered by French learners of English, with a focus on tense/aspect and word orderDucastel, Flavie
2018Digital educational gamification : L2 learners’ motivation and engagementJones, Julia
2016Early lexical expression in children exposed to mixed input : a case of monolingual or bilingual development?Gatt, Daniela; Grech, Helen; Dodd, Barbara
2017Encouraging speaking opportunities in L2 in the English language primary classroom : a resource pack for Year 5Sapiano, Nicole
2019Engagement in adult English language learners : a case study of learners in a private language schoolZerafa, Sonia
2013An English language companion for young children learning a second languagePace, Daniela (2013)
2015Exploring the acquisition of tense and aspect by adult foreign learners of MalteseCamilleri Grima, Antoinette
2016Foreign language proficiency & certification - an evaluationPace, Mario
2018From a manual portfolio to an ePortfolio : assisting teachers in enhancing their professional developmentPace, Mario
2008How and to what extent is intercultural communication ‘teachable’? Suggestions arising from the SPICES ProjectCaruana, Sandro
2017How technology is affecting English language acquisition and English language use in Maltese children : a sociolinguistic studyApap, Claire