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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Challenges to theology in Malta todaySerracino-Inglott, Peter
2016Chapter 21 : ReligionVassallo, Mario
2011Freedom of religion and secularism in the light of recent European Court of Human Rights case lawMicallef, Angelo
2009The influence of religion on Maltese society : past and presentFrendo, Henry
2007The interdict of the sixties : a sociological perspectiveSpiteri, Mariella (2007)
2008A language for the Catholic Church in MaltaGellel, Adrian-Mario; Sultana, Mark
2008Leaping from non-secular to post-secular. A study of the Maltese scenarioGellel, Adrian-Mario; Sultana, Mark
2011Miracles in the waiting room of modernity : the canonisation of Dun Gorg of MaltaBaldacchino, Jean Paul
2021Religious diversity and the secularization process in Malta : a reflection through the experiences of health, social work and education professionalsGellel, Adrian-Mario; Arvanitidou, Zoi; Rossi, Christine
2009Secularisation among Maltese University studentsSaliba Thorne, Maria (2009)
2021Secularisations within the Mediterranean : a study on France and MaltaCaruana, Corinne (2021)
2011Secularism in Malta : civil and religious tensionsMeli, Maria Pia (2011)
1997Shifting values in Malta and Western EuropeAbela, Anthony
2018U issa?’ : l-idjoma ta' lil hinn mill-jien fil-letteratura u l-kritika maltija, jew/or, ‘not quite it’ : writing and critiquing the self in Maltese literature and criticismCallus, Ivan
2004Young people, the Millennium Chapel and PacevilleGatt, Patrick (2004)