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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of online news coverage on earthquakes through text miningCamilleri, Stephen; R. Agius, Matthew; Azzopardi, Joel
2006Analysis of seismic activity around the Maltese Islands, and the use of waveform cross-correlation techniqueBorg, Ingrid (2006)
2006Crustal structure beneath the Maltese Islands from receiver functions at WDD seismic stationBartolo, Graziella (2006)
2004Data acquisition system for a seismic stationAgius, Matthew Richard (2004)
2017Dataset of earthquake focal mechanisms for computing tectonic stresses in the central MediterraneanGrech, Antonella
2016Earthquake location in the Sicily channelDimech, Chantelle-Marie
2017Evaluating dynamic behavior of historical buildings through ambient seismic noise measurement and numerical modellingD'Amico, Sebastiano; Imposa, S.; Panzera, F.; Lombardo, Giuseppe; Betti, M.; Muscat, R.; Borg, Ruben Paul; Grassi, S.
2007Extraction of P-wave velocities of Plio-Pleistocene sedimentsChetcuti, Elaine (2007)
2007An integrated geophysical study of the Ionian Basin western margin : new insights on its Permo-Triassic originGalea, Charles (2007)
2019Investigating the relationship between earthquakes and online newsCamilleri, Stephen; Azzopardi, Joel; Agius, Matthew R.
2013A low-cost, stand-alone seismic stationScicluna, Dayle (2013)
2012Moment tensor solutions, high-frequency ground motion scaling and earthquake simulations in southern ItalyD'Amico, Sebastiano
1992-08Observations of very high P-velocities in the subducted slab, New Zealand, and their relation with the slab geometryGalea, Pauline
2014Performance evaluation of Wied Dalam (WDD) seismic station in MaltaAgius, Matthew R.; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Panzera, Francesco
2004Review of data processing in reflection seismologyCamilleri, Christopher (2004)
2014-12Rocking the IslandsDuca, Edward; Duca, Edward
2014Seismic attenuation relationships in the Central MediterraneanAbela, Kimberly (2014)
2017Seismic input modelling for relevant earthquakes in eastern SicilyLongo, Emanuela Antonia (2017)
2013The seismic reflection technique : a case study in the Po valleyZerafa, Christopher (2013)
2010A seismic site response survey of the Maltese Islands using H/V spectral ratios of ambient noiseVella, Alexander (2010)