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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Aggression and low self-esteem : a quantitative studyMagrin, Marie-Jeannette
2008A closer look at binge eating disorder : an in-depth study of two sufferers' social, emotional and psychological experienceAttard, Samaria (2008)
2006Coping with examination nerves : the degree of anxiety experienced by young studentsScicluna, Catherine (2006)
2015The effect of art education on a student with learning disability : opportunities, empowerment and self-expressionButtiń°ień°, Brendan
2018The evolution of the photographic camera selfies and why we take themAbela, Gabriel
2015The experiences of pupils with dyslexia in primary school settings : listening to the memories of young adultsCaruana, Maria Sefora; Vassallo, Crystal
2014Giving voice to the experience of living with dyslexia : a case study : a qualitative studyGrech, Christine
1998Hey, let's grow together : addressing self-esteem issues with youth who have mild intellectual disabilityCaruana, Josephine (1998)
2016Listening to the voice of young adults with dyslexia at the workplaceAncilleri, Kimberly
2015The lived experience of people who have undergone plastic surgeryCamilleri, Roberta
2007Playing sexual chess : changing through first sexual experiencesSwain, Sean (2007)
2011Raising self-esteem through drama : the experience of persons with a dyslexic profileDebono, Charlene
2017The relationship between athletic identity, self-esteem and peer acceptance : a quantitative study amongst University students aged 18-21 yearsCamenzuli, Francesca
1989Self-esteem and attainment in a sample of 13 to 15 year-old Maltese studentsScerri, Josianne (1989)
2005Self-esteem and reading achievement : a case study of a seven-year-old childMagro, Claire
2013Self-esteem and social housing designCassar, Samuel (2013)
2022-04Therapy Talk S4 : Programmes 1 - 13Wright, Karl; Borg, Claire