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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of Open Caption Telops (OCTs) in relation to subtitling into English of 爸爸去哪儿 ? [bàba qù nǎ er]Caruana, Martina
2009Baudrillard and popular cultureGalea, Natasha (2009)
2001Children's perception of their own rights : a semiotic analysis of selected pictures drawn by some Arab children expressing their feelings towards their rightsTurki, Hella (2001)
2017Children’s meaning-making from illustrations in picture booksFarrugia, Maria
2006Decoding advertisements, where text meets reader : a qualitative analysis of the process of meaning making in closed and open advertisementsIlieva, Kremena (2006)
2008Decoding the Matrix : a semiotic analysis of the metaphysics and epistemology underlying the Wachowski brothers' Matrix trilogySaid, Kayne (2008)
2016Die deutsche Sprache im öffentlichen Raum auf den maltesischen InselnDebono, Jeanette
1992Ethnography and the politics of absenceSultana, Ronald G.
2017From Freud to Kendall Jenner : how luxury brands have adopted the rhetoric of dreams to entice young, new consumers without alienating loyal consumersSciberras, Karl
2003From one language to another : a semiotic interpretation of the translation of mathematical wordsFarrugia, Marie Therese
2003Harry Potter and the racial divide : an ideological and semiotic analysis of racism underlying the Harry Potter novelsSammut, Tamara (2003)
2021How music videos contribute towards initiating cultural discourse on societal gender constructs : a semiotic analysis of music videos by three record-breaking female artistsGauci, Luke Marvin (2021)
1999Imagologies : the new discourse : the hypnotic carnival of imagesSchranz, Marija (1999)
2015Introduction : Umberto Eco’s interpretative semiotics : interpretation, encyclopedia, translationBianchi, Cinzia; Vassallo, Clare
2021Investigating corporate social responsibility as a marketing branding strategy through the use of semiotic analysis : how symbolism can aid brands to communicate with the 'new consumer’Sultana, Amy (2021)
2004L'interpretazione : il testo letterario in cerca di un'identità e Umberto EcoDebattista, Jeannine (2004)
2009La scatola nera : lo scritto come semiotica sociale nell'analisi dell'acquisizione e dell'uso dell'italiano come L2Debrincat, Monica (2009)
2012-08Nietzsche on the relationship between context, names and signsMangion, Claude
2017On semiotics and jumping frogs : the role of gesture in the teaching of subtractionFarrugia, Marie Therese
2011Philosophical approaches to communicationMangion, Claude