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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Aspects in artificial groundwater recharge using treated sewage effluent with special reference to the mean sea level aquifer in MaltaMicallef, Paul (1995)
2020An evaluation of treatment process options for the retrofit of an existing urban wastewater treatment plant with a focus on energy efficiencyBonnici, Iven
2000The impact of tourism on water and wastewater production with particular reference to the North and Sliema areas of MaltaGrech, Rita (2000)
1999Investigating the nature of industrial effluent and the subsequent potential for on-site treatment and re-use with particular reference to Bulebel Industrial EstatePortelli, Daniela (1999)
1992Liquid wastes generated to the North of MaltaGalea, Anthony (1992)
2015Neptume ; no-discharge energy-efficient prototype for the treatment of urban municipal effluentCachia, Stefan; Buhagiar, Joseph; Miceli Farrugia, Alberto
2018Potential demand for tertiary treated wastewater by industry in the southern area of MaltaGatt Gafa`, Nadia
2010Realistic demand from industry for the use of reclaimed water from Ta' Barkat wastewater treatment plantCurmi, Nadia (2010)
1987Sant'Antnin sewage treatment plant success or failureCamilleri, David John (1987)
1988Sewage sludge - a usable source of energy : a study on anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge for pollution control and the production of methaneDebattista, F. (1988)
1996Sewage treatment in Malta.Borg, Conrad
1999Sewage treatment with reference to Malta's situationSchembri, Bernard (1999)
2009The use of treated sewage water in Maltese agricultureCamilleri, Neil (2009)