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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Antony : the Shakespearean colossus : part ICremona, David
1978Antony : the Shakespearean colossus : part IICremona, David
2015Aspects of villainy in Shakespearean tragedyWoods, Kimberly Ann
2017Boy actors in Shakespearean theatreMifsud, Rebecca Julia
2013A comparative study of the tragic hero and his fatal flaw : a vision of tragedy with reference to Aristotle, Homer, Shakespeare, and MarloweAzzopardi, Kelly-Maryanne
2018Echoing as self-fashioning in the essay : Hazlitt’s quoting and misquoting of ShakespeareAquilina, Mario
2011Faces of hysteria in Shakespeare and contemporary dramatistsPace Decesare, Faye
1982The honest villainCremona, David
1965The interrelationship of fate and free will in Shakespearean tragedyAzzopardi, John (1965)
1971Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 4 : issue 3Aquilina, J.
2006'Our Darker Purpose' : the calculus of desire in King Lear : a Girardian readingCaruana, Carmel
1971Shakespeare and German studentsViebrock, Helmut
2019A Shakespearean affair : an intercultural appropriationGatesy Lewis, Alexander
2018Shakespearean tragedy : an exploration of neoclassical re-workings and criticismFormosa, Erika
2017'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?' : the natural world in Shakespeare's poetryFrancalanza, Julian
2018-02The space of dissent in William Shakespeare’s As You Like ItAloui, Amira
1974The theme of forgiveness in Shakespeare's last playsQuintano, Lawrence D. (1974)
2017Thinking through tragedy : critical distance and the law of genreCorby, James