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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Determinants of innovation activities in small enterprises : a model approachGrego-Planer, Dorota; Kus, Agnieszka
2015Development of small and medium enterprises through clusters and networking : a comparative study of India, Pakistan and Sri LankaDasanayaka, Sarath W. S. B.; Sardana, G. D.
2021Diversity of factors determining employee satisfaction as an area of CSR activity in companies of different scaleSipa, Monika; Smolarek, Malgorzata; Jalowiec, Tomasz; Masloch, Piotr; Wojtaszek, Henryk; Miciula, Ireneusz; Masloch, Grzegorz
2007Economic resilience and market efficiency in small statesCordina, Gordon
2008Economic resilience and market efficiency in small statesCordina, Gordon
2022The effect of anomia on ethnocentric tendencies among owner/managers of small businesses : a study from two island microstatesCaruana, Albert; Chircop, Saviour; Phua, Willie
2020The effect of ethical leadership and leadership effectiveness on employee’s turnover intention in SMEs : the mediating role of work engagementTheriou, Georgios; Chatzoudes, Dimitrios; Diaz Moya, Cesar Augusto
2020Embracing technology and propelling SMEs through open innovation transformationAnnamalah, Sanmugam; Raman, Murali; Marthandan, Govindan; Logeswaran, Aravindan Kalisri
2020Environmental workplace behaviors - it takes two to tangoSzeliga-Duchnowska, Anna; Szewczyk, Mirosława
2021Impact of the CRM system and time management on organizational effectiveness and performance : case study of an e-commerce micro enterpriseJanuszewski, Arkadiusz; Kinga, Krupcala
2011The nexus between economic resilience and corruptionOsei, Philip D.
2008Private sector development and micro-enterprises in small statesVella, Stephanie
2011SMEs and economic resilience buildingVella, Stephanie
2021Success of SMEs in the era of pandemicsUrbanska, Kamila; Parkitna, Agnieszka; Kubicka, Joanna
2016The vulnerability and resilience framework applied to the public health systemBriguglio, Lino; Azzopardi Muscat, Natasha