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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of the role of social media marketing and communication in the online gambling marketBehmann, Markus
2016Breaking the foodberg : a socio-ecological study of food waste production in Maltese householdsAttard, Kathleen
2008Changing public opinion towards organ donationLauri, Mary Anne
2011The effect of corporate social responsibility on customer's intention to buySaid, Luca
2015Emotional appeals in drinking and driving campaigns : negative versus positive appeals : a study among university studentsSchembri, Angele
2018Gamification in social marketing campaigns : an investigation into the effect of badges and a community element in gamification on a social marketing campaign aimed at increasing walking amongst adultsBaron, Shaun
2018Message framing and source credibility in product advertisements with high consumer involvementSoliha, Euis; Widyasari, Suzy
2014Social marketing in profit businesses : social responsibility or public image?Barona Padovani, Claudia
2018Social media : a need for a contemporary organisationMagro, Yosef
2018The utilization of social media marketing in destination management organizationsBosio, Birgit; Haselwanter, Stefanie; Ceipek, Michael
2019Warning label placement : the difference defect of social risk and health risk consequencesHalim, Rizal Edy
2000Why give blood? : an analysis of the blood bank's donor recruitment campaignPortelli, Paul (2000)
2015Youth attitudes towards the fun theory : how to implement and promote pro-environmental behaviourCamilleri, Jacob